Friday, November 20, 2009


Buying your first AKC registered German Shepherd puppy
Your first litter
Your first champion
Your first Select
Your first ROM (register of merit)
The first time a "newbie" asks you for advice
The first time a "big shot" recognizes you and says hello
Being asked to join a bunch of people after a show to go get a bite to eat
Being invited to a "dog party" at a breeders house
Having a handler come talk to you because he seen your dog and he wants to show him
Having a well known breeder say to you that they want to buy one of your dogs
Going to a dog show and the weather is warm and breezy
Hearing people ringside say GOOD things about your dog that is being shown
Hearing your vet tell you that your dog is not bloating. Her tummy is fat because she ate too much!
Making friends with people who will be your friends for life
Getting that "once in a lifetime"...."opportunity is knocking" chance to buy a "superstar!"
Breeding two well bred dogs and not having any health problems
Having a litter that is deep in quality and getting them into great show homes
Going to a dog show just to watch and enjoy spending some time with friends
Going to the German Shepherd Dog Nationals
Winning a futurity/maturity and getting one of those wonderful plaques to put on your wall
Having your dog not blow his coat before he's shown at an important show
Breeding a bitch and she doesn’t miss
Receiving the German Shepherd Dog Review and it's loaded with breeders ads and pictures
Having people come over to you to congratulate you on your dogs winning
Getting an obedience title on your dog
Having a dog that you can take anywhere with you because he has a marvelous temperament
Going for a walk or a hike with your dog
Judging your first match
Watching a judge at a show and agreeing with his winners
Having your dog kiss away your tears
Being able to act like yourself around your dog and not be judged
Knowing your dog never holds grudges
Knowing that your dog knows all your secrets and he's never going to be able to share them with anyone
Singing off key and your dog has to listen to you like it or not
Giggling out loud because your dog is so “gosh darn funny”
Walking on the show grounds and everyone's head turns as you walk by with your new "superstar"
Finally beating someone who always wins
Knowing that you've bred the best puppies that you could that are healthy, strong and are excellent representatives of the breed
Having puppy buyers buy another dog from you years later after buying their first one from you
Getting your dogs first show win picture and hanging it on the wall
Not getting lost on your way to a dog show and making it on time for your dogs class
Having your dog/bitch have his/her own stud dog/brood bitch class at the National
Showing in the Honor Parade at the National
Being crowned Obedience Victor/Victrix
Owing a AOE Select champion
Winning Best in Show
Winning Best in Show at Westminster
Getting your dogs OFA numbers in the mail
Breeding a Grand Victor/Victrix
Having your dog save your life
Saving your dog’s life
Having your dog pass the temperament test
Owning a therapy dog
Having your dog be a Seeing Eye dog for the blind
Having fun with your dog in rally competition
Having a breeder like your stud dog well enough to breed their bitch to him
Being invited to another breeder’s house to look at their puppies
Having your dog “watch out for you” by making sure that you are getting enough exercise because he wants to go for a walk or fetch a ball
Puppy breath
Not having your long coated puppy being the best puppy in the litter
Having a whole litter that you never have to tape any puppy’s ears
Never needing an alarm because your dog will let you know that it’s time to get up
Having someone to give your leftovers to so you don’t have to throw away any food
Sharing your cheese doodles with your dog
Having a “built in baby sitter”
Belonging to a breed club and having people ask you to be President
Judging your first AKC Specialty show
Growing old with your dogs
Turning the lights out at night resting safely and knowing all is well because your dogs are there to guarantee that it is

I'm sure other people can add their own best moments in dogs!

My rating: German Shepherd dog ownership: (4+)!

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