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In my pursuit to find something entertaining and different to write about, I happened about this idea. I’m going to list the names of the more recent Grand Victors and Grand Victrixs’ as taken from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s website to see when they were born and help me write about today’s subject. A few of the names are missing here because they didn’t list the month or date of birth of the dogs. Then also the last couple of years there is no listing for the newest winners. Let’s see which signs produced the dogs and bitches with the top honors.


GV Ch Bethesda’s Tacoma of Si-Don CD TC – 03/10/1985 – Pisces - Water
GV Ch Woodside’s Nestle’s Quik v Merwestyn, HT – 11/27/1984 – Sagittarius - Fire
GV Ch Campaigner’s Gatewood Uzi ROM CD, TC, HT, – 03/21/1989 – Aries - Fire
GV Ch Inflight’s Spencer v Sandyhill ROM – 07/23/1992 – Leo - Fire
GV Ch Stoneways’ Uecker ROM – 06/29/1993 - Cancer - Water
GV Ch Mar Haven’s Color Guard ROM PT TC – 12/17/1993 – Sagittarius - Fire
GV Ch Caraland’s Unlimited CD, TC, ROM – 12/10/1994 – Sagittarius - Fire
GV Ch WeLove DuChien’s R-Man ROM – 12/17/1993 – Sagittarius - Fire
GV Ch Hickoryhill’s Bull Durham ROM, TC, HIC – 03/18/1996 – Pisces - Water
GV Ch Survival’s Tuff Decision TC ROM – 07/10/1999 – Cancer - Water
GV Ch Marquin’s Xtra! Xtra!, TC, HT, RA, ROM – 07/07/1999 – Cancer - Water
GV Ch Mar Haven’s And The Beat Goes On TC ROM – 03/06/2000 – Pisces - Water
GV Ch Wayside’s Honky Tonk Man ROM – 10/08/1998 – Libra - Air
GV Ch Trafalgar’s Premium Blend ROM – 04/22/01 – Taurus - Earth
GV Ch Welove DuChien’s Army of One ROM – 02/02/04 – Aquarius - Air


GVX Ch Howard’s Magic Moment CD, ROM – 02/10/1985 – Aquarius - Air
GVX Ch Sea-Lair’s Ciera ROM – 05/24/1986 – Gemini - Air
GVX Ch Altana’s Kricket – 12/18/1985 – Sagittarius - Fire
GVX Ch TR’s Guinevere v Kenlyn ROM – 03/06/1991 – Pisces - Water
GVX Ch Jerr’s French Pastry ROM – 04/26/1992 – Taurus – Earth
GVX Ch Inflight’s Heaven Only Knows PT, TC – 09/11/94 – Virgo - Earth
GVX Ch Winsome’s Fettucini v. Cypress – 03/25/1996 – Aries - Fire
GVX Ch Aramist’s Ivana of Kolbrook ROM – 01/07/1996 – Capricorn - Earth
GVX Ch Lindenhill’s Voodoo Lily – 04/20/1999 – Taurus – Earth
GVX Ch Jecoda Keylis Jest ‘N Thyme TC ROM – 10/13/1998 – Libra - Air
GVX Ch Kridler’s Ruby of Highland Acres ROM – 02/01/2000 – Aquarius - Air
GVX Ch Hickory Hill’s Godiva Sirius Park – 02/16/02 – Aquarius - Air
GVX Ch Falcon’s Welove Liberty – 12/14/01 – Sagittarius - Fire
GVX Ch Castlehills Tuff Cookie HT, PT, TC, ROM – 10/08/01 – Libra - Air
GVX Ch Mar Haven’s Black Orchid – 10/18/04 – Libra - Air

FIRE – (9) – (6) Grand Victors, (3) Grand Victrix
WATER – (7) – (6) Grand Victors, (1) Grand Victrix
EARTH – (5) – (1) Grand Victors, (4) Grand Victrix
AIR – (9) – (2) Grand Victors, (7) Grand Victrix

So the most signs that produced the most winners for the top honors at recent Nationals have been those signs under the element of “Fire” and “Air.”

The breakdowns of the winning signs are:

Pisces: males – 3, bitches: 1
Sagittarius: males: 4, bitches: 2
Aries: males – 1, bitches – 1
Leo: males – 1, bitches – 0
Cancer: males – 3 males, bitches 0
Libra: males -1, bitches – 3
Taurus: males 1, bitches – 2
Aquarius: males 1, bitches – 3
Gemini: males 0, bitches – 1
Virgo: males 9, bitches – 1
Capricorn: males – 0, bitches – 1

The top sign for a further Grand Victor to be born under then is Sagittarius. The top for a Grand Victrix is either Libra or Aquarius.

So what does all of this prove? If you are leaning more towards having yourself a Grand Victor, then make sure your litters are born to be "Fire" or "Water" signs as those signs seemed to be the most dominate for the top winning males. If on the other hand you would prefer a Grand Victrix time your litters to be born under “Air” signs as more top winning bitches were born under that sign.

So there you have it. Time your litters correctly and you just might produce yourself the next Grand Victor/Victrix. With the National Specialty right around the corner, lets’ see which zodiac sign will have the most influence over the winners this year!

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