Thursday, January 6, 2011


For the longest time I wanted to have someone from one of the GSD rescues write an article for me about what they do and about their stories of the dogs that they rescue. I’ve put out word on some of the rescue lists that I belong to. I got responses promising me an article and because “life gets in the way” I never did receive anything. I truly wanted to give these fantastic people their “just due” for all the unselfish work that they do. I would have loved to highlight some of the special dogs that have touched their lives……as I know they all do. I understand that these dedicated people are just that…..dedicated to what they are doing and that is trying to save the lives of our beloved breed.

Yesterday when I came home my nephew and his friend were here. I was asking my nephew about how his dog was doing because he knows how much I adore his dog. My nephew told me he was doing fine and then he told me that his friend was in the car with his own little dog. Me being the dog lover that I am went over to the car and his friend got out and was holding in his arms a little miniature white poodle. He told me that he just rescued the dog a few days ago and she is nine years old. I told him “God bless you for being so kind to this little “oldster” that would have been put to sleep by now.” The little dog was so happy (and grateful?) in this young boys arms.

Anyone can love a beautiful show quality puppy or adult. You can’t help but admire their beauty as they stand out among all the rest. It takes a special heart however, to give love to those that are less pleasing to the eye due to lack of quality, old age, physical handicaps or emotional problems.

I wish I knew everything that the rescue people do, but I don’t even though I know some of you that do this work. Most don’t brag about their generosity. That I believe among other things sets them apart from other people. But I do know that besides physically rescuing the dogs that there is much more that is involved than the obvious. It’s the people behind the lines that screen and look for the best homes for these unwanted dogs. It’s about the feeding, watering, bathing, sheltering, medicating and exercising and playing with these dogs. It’s about the endless hours spent on the telephone locating and finding these dogs. It’s about finding transportation to get these animals from one location to another. It’s about asking for donations. It’s about putting on raffles, selling things at dog shows to earn money for these rescues. It’s the writing on the different GSD lists letting people know what they are doing. It’s about letting people know the help that they need to take care of these animals.

Many of these rescue volunteers not only take care of these dogs but they are also taking care of their own dogs. Some of these marvelous people have their own health problems, but miraculously and without a selfish thought towards their own welfare, they continue until they no longer can. Much of the work that they do taking care of these animals cuts into their own personal lives that they could be spending with family and friends. There’s little time socializing when you have needy animals that demand your attention. There’s little time to go out for a dinner and a movie. And vacation time……………what is that?

I wish I could do better as far as giving these fine people their just dues and recognition for all that they do to comfort and save the German Shepherd Dog. My invitation is still open to anyone that would like to write a story about your rescue or a special dog that might have touched your heart. For it is you that know the hearts of these dogs. It is you that experience first hand the appreciative kiss on the face from a dog that was hours away from leaving this earth. It is you that can write this story better than I for you are the guardian angels of those that are left behind and I am just left in wonderment of all you do. My saying “Thank You” is nothing compared to the dogs “Thank You” but still, I’m sending it your way…….anyway!

From the book: "LOST SOULS: FOUND! INSPIRING STORIES ABOUT GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS".....Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories about German Shepherd Dogs is a heartwarming, thought-provoking compilation of over 50 true stories which address the cruelty of animal neglect and abuse and the joy rescued dogs bring to their new homes. This book is a must-read for German Shepherd lovers and people who are considering adopting dogs. A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF PROCEEDS FROM EVERY SALE IS DONATED BACK TO GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG RESCUE GROUPS. Excerpt: I was approved as a bone-a-fide dog mom by my local rescue and, confident I would be taking home a particular female, I had painted a room pink for her and purchased doggy nail polish. Upon finally meeting my girl, the rescue director cautioned me about her extreme dominance and need for discipline, which was not my forte by any means. Still stubborn and hopeful, I walked her until she quickly proved our mismatch by dragging me across the yard. Begrudgingly I moved on to meet several less dominant dogs, and to my surprise the one turned out to be Jackson (now Beau), a male with striking hazel eyes, who adopted me the moment we met. The pink doggy room is now used for storage, the nail polish was given away, and Beau is an absolute dream companion. -Lisa Hall

My rating: German Shepherd Dog Rescues: (4)

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