Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Recently I had the opportunity to feed my dogs Timberwolf dog food. I’ve always heard so many positive things about this company. I know that Dawn Restuccia (yesterday’s interview on this blog) told me that she feeds Timberwolf exclusively. Her dogs always have such gorgeous healthy looking coats. She also told me about this company’s extreme generosity to her Last Hope, Safe Haven organization. They have donated thousands of pounds (and dollars worth) of dog food and also salmon oil to her organizations efforts to try to bring the rescue dogs back to a healthy body and nerves by feeding them a top food like Timberwolf. This is not the type of food that you would expect to find in a grocery store. This is a high end product and for them to donate so much of it to the rescues is truly amazing. If you go on their website, you will see they have a banner of Last Hope, Safe Haven on it as well!

If you talk to one of Timberwolf’s owners Rozina Choudhry on the telephone, you come to realize that you’re not just talking to another dog food company that’s only interested in the profits her company makes. She truly believes in her companies products because she not only sells it, but she uses it on her own German Shepherds! She’s had German Shepherds for many years so she knows the nutritional requirements of this breed. Mark Heyward is the Founder of Timberwolf Organics. He has put together a great website about this product so I encourage you to take a look at it. I asked Rozina to send me some information for this article and I’m including that now.

Since 1995, Timberwolf has produced rotational pet foods that simulate the natural diet of wild canids and felids. Studies have shown that dogs and wolves share 99% of the same DNA. Domesticated dogs have the sharp teeth and short digestive tracts of their wolf ancestors, and are therefore able to metabolize higher levels of proteins and fats. Cats, true carnivores, have even shorter digestive tracts than dogs. Animals in the wild naturally gravitate toward raw food sources that provide the vitamins and minerals they need.

Timberwolf holistic pet diets combine the health benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of dry kibble. We use only the freshest, highest-grade ingredients: premium protein sources (such as elk and lamb), fruits and vegetables, whole grains, herbs and seeds. You won’t find any cheap fillers or artificial additives in our all-natural pet diets.

In keeping with our “back to basics” philosophy, Timberwolf diets contain high levels of meat and/or meat meals. Our meat meals are made only from fresh meat tissue, and they provide a concentrated source of protein to aid in growth and development. Timberwolf formulas also include tantalizing herbs to enhance flavor and add nutritional value. The health benefits of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and fennel seed have been well documented through the ages.

Nutrient-dense Timberwolf diets are packed with a balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help pets thrive. Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids promote eye health, joint function, healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Timberwolf diets are designed to be rotated every 2-3 months. The purpose behind rotation feeding is to provide your pet with an improved nutrient uptake and a more satisfying feeding experience. Rotational diets can aid in the prevention of food allergies and nutritional deficiencies in the long term, ensuring that the dog or cat receives a full range of vitamins and minerals.

We do not spend money on advertising, because we prefer to put that money into our ingredients. Many of our customers discover us through word of mouth—because a friend, breeder, or veterinarian told them about Timberwolf. Our diets are formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages. Whether you have a puppy or a senior, a working animal or a dog with weight issues, you can confidently feed Timberwolf knowing that your pet is receiving a complete and balanced diet.

In August 2008, Timberwolf donated $55,000 worth of food to help homeless animals. We also had great success with our “bag for bag’ program, in which we donated one bag of Timberwolf food for every bag purchased in a 30-day period. Between December and January 2009, we also donated over 82,000 lbs of food to U.S. animal shelters and rescue organizations. Timberwolf is proud to have helped organizations such as Animal Rescue New Orleans, IAMRA, Big Dog Rescue, Animal Haven, Placing Paws, Dogs Deserve Better, Last Hope Safe Haven, Ozark Haven Rescue, Wolf Rescue Resources and the Milo Foundation amongst several others. “More than ever before, we recognized how great the need had become and very few pet food company’s were helping out so we had to go to extreme lengths to help those in need”. Animals are loosing their homes and going hungry and there are those on the front lines who take in so many homeless animals and whose hearts and wallets are at breaking point and they can no longer afford to feed all the animals that are continually arriving at their doors. We applaud them for theirs is a thankless mission of love and compassion tempered with action for which we are eternally grateful.

One thing I noticed when I opened the bags of Timberwolf was the strong smell of the herbs in their products. I am lucky to have great eaters. But I could tell how much they loved this food each time I put it in the bowl. It just doesn’t smell like any other food does. They really got excited each time I scoped out a cup of the food and couldn’t wait to eat it.

For anyone who wonders why they use herbs in their foods, I highly recommend you take a peek on their website. It’ll tell you all the reasons that they use herbs in their dog food as well as answer many other frequently asked questions.

And speaking of those bags that the dog food comes in…..they are not like the everyday type of bag that you usually see when you buy dry dog food. These bags are state of the art oxygen barrier packaging that protects freshness by reducing transfer of oxygen which causes foods to spoil.

I always like it when the people that own a dog food company owns dogs themselves and when they own German Shepherds, that makes it that much better in my eyes. They’re not asking us to feed our dogs anything that their dogs are not being fed. I feel confident that this is a company who cares for the welfare of dogs and knows the nutritional needs to keep them healthy. This is a friendly company to do business with and is willing to answer any questions you may have about their products. In today’s hectic world, having a company who promotes good customer service is very important to me. This is an excellent company who is interested in taking care of our dogs and is interested in making the dog owners happy as well. It’s a win-win situation!

My rating: quality of dog food ingredients: (4), donating to animal rescues: (4), price: (3)


  1. I did try this food with my pack. I'd been feeding Orijen but thought the Timberwolf was similar and the dogs would like it. WRONG! They absolutely hate it and will eat just enough to curb the hunger. I don't think they care for the herb smell and they're not too fond of the flavor either judging by them spitting it out the first few times they tried it. It's also the first food I've ever given that actually caused tummy upset. Normally I can give them anything and they also catch or scavenge (you don't even want to know...) their own meals and there's not so much as a burp from it. With this food, they had loose stools for a month no matter what I did and the gas is awful. Their coats also aren't as nice as they use to be. I know it works great for a lot of dogs but my pack just plain doesn't do well on it. I've got a couple bags left since I ordered in bulk (it was on sale) but I'll be switching back to Orijen or Taste of the Wild when they're gone. I've been testing the latter on the pup and she really likes it as do the others who have been trying to steal it so they don't have to eat their own food. Guess we'll see how it goes. The proof will be in how they look after being on it for a month or so. They did look and feel great on the Orijen but I am hoping to find something similar that's a little cheaper if possible. Timberwolf and Taste of the Wild were the only two I really cared to try. I'm open to suggestions though. No grain, by-products, or artificial colors/preservatives please.

  2. The only thing I would suggest to Erica, and this goes for changing from any food to another, is always mix in the new food with what their stomachs and noses are used to getting. It stops any stomach upset or possible diarrhea that a dog will get when changing over to a new food.

    Timberwolf also has many flavors, we use the Elk at our shelter, and this food has succeeded in getting dogs who are skin and bones to healthy weights and coats in very short order.

    Diarrhea has many debilitating effects on dogs, none of which is greater than dehydration. But whenever you change food, it cannot be a drastic change. You have to mix it and gradually go to a new food or you will have that stomach upset, including gas. The coats are not looking as good from their gastro irritation, not from the food... try mixing it and you will see they respond well.

    hope this helps, Erica,

    Animal Rescue New Orleans

  3. Yes, when I switched my guys over to Innova, they were gassy. I did almost "panic," thinking oh gosh what did I do. That was with strict change over, 25% new, then 50% new, then 75% over almost two weeks' time. The gas certainly did go away, within a week. They are thriving. I think most of the high-end foods work out :) Ha, at the 50% change over, you could see them picking out the new food, eating that. They sustain on 3 cups of food per day, 65- to 70-pound bitches, very content.

  4. Normally my guys don't need any gradual change. I did with this food since they wouldn't touch it. All I got for that was they would pick out every bit of the Timberwolf and throw it on the floor. They just plain hate it. Anytime they'd eat even a bite, the diarrhea was back. I will not feed it to them again once the last couple bags are gone. They've been on it three months now and the only improvement is that their stools are somewhat firm. I can give them one day of a different food and their stools are completely normal so it's not their stomachs that are the problem. It's definitely the food. I did find quite a few other people that had the same problem so at least it isn't just me. I'm not too disappointed to be honest. The smell of this food upsets my stomach too. I don't like strong herbal smells.

  5. Because we are specialing our German Shepherd Dog, Champion Laxfield's Hit Man, in AKC breed conformation shows, it is imperative that he be in excellent condition at all times. This is a dog who garnered an Award of Merit at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 08 and has multiple group placings under his belt. He has a strenuous conditioning program and needs to be at peak performace when in the ring.
    I started feeding Timberwolf almost 3 years ago. I made the change very slowly and never had ANY issues with gastric upsets. Conversely, I had one bitch who would "go down" very hard when coming into season. Once we changed her food to Timberwolf, she never looked back. Whatever she was missing in her diet, was obviously supplied by the Timberwolf Elk and Salmon. She is now a robust 80 pounds of muscle and drive!
    All four of my dogs are in magnificent coat, with great muscle mass and tons of energy; even my 11 and a half year old!
    I rotate between Elk and Salmon, Lamb and Apple and Southwest Chicken. We previously fed Solid Gold, until the dogs became disinterested in it and these dogs are hearty eaters.
    I will continue to be a loyal customer!!!