Thursday, December 24, 2009


I wasn’t born in to a rich family and sometimes times were tough growing up, but my mother always made the holidays special. My sister and I were typical kids. Mom would buy the presents, wrap them and “hide” them. Yeah, right! With two very noisy little girls, no hiding place was too hard for us to find. Somehow those perfectly wrapped presents that my mother painstakingly spent hours wrapping, saw little rips here and there in the Christmas themed paper when she finally did place them under the tree. It seems little eyes and fingers just needed to have a “peek” before Christmas Day! Mom never seemed to notice or if she did, she pretended like she didn’t.

Christmas always has meant a day of family and friends gathering together to share in the holiday spirit. My mother is no longer with us, but her memory and our family traditions always shine brightly in my heart. She had the biggest, kindest heart for someone who didn’t have too much in the way of material things. It was her humble heart that made me love and respect her more; for there were times she would say to me when I got older, “Oh Barb, momma’s alright. The Lord has been good to me. I have everything that I need.” Indeed, my mother had more than any money in the world could buy. She had a great, big old heart! So with that thought in mind…….

I wish all of my friends and their families and “fur” kids a very happy holiday season. May your Christmas day find you surrounded by your loved ones. May your tummies be filled with good food. May your health be good or on the mend. May your worries be few. May there be a song in your heart. May you not receive too many “re-gifts.” May you receive an unexpected happy surprise. May you remember those who do not have much and reach out to them. May you remember the German Shepherds in shelters and pledge to do something to ensure their future safe welfare. May you appreciate all of God’s abundance of “gifts.” May your hearts be light and merry. May you ask for little and give plenty. May you forgive those who have wronged you. May you remember our soldiers who will not be home for Christmas this year. May you remember those who are no longer here with you and let your good memories of them brighten your day. May you love and be loved in return. May you know world peace in your life time. May your prayers be answered. May your burdens be lifted.

Good will! Good cheer! And if you’ve got any little children at home whose little eyes and fingers are looking to “peek,” I hope you look the other way!


My rating: Love and good will: (4)

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