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The first picture is of Ch Geran's Always on my mind ROM OFA H&E HIC (MyMy) taken at nine years of age (dam of nine champions)!
The second picture is of MyMy's champion inbred daughter, Ch Geran's I did it my way (Presley)!

This interview was conducted with Gerald Roach of Geran’s German Shepherds. Gerald lives in Indiana with his wife Angela and their beautiful young daughter Alexa. I never met Gerald but we established a telephone friendship when he called me and invited me to be a member of his popular German Shepherd Dog List called, “German Shepherds for show.” That was a little over four years ago and as I told him one time, “Not talking to Gerald every morning would be like starting my day without my Raisin Bran!” So thank you Gerald for giving me permission to do this interview and to use your pictures of your beautiful dogs on my blog.

Me: Please tell us how and when you got started in the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Gerald: Wow that brings back memories. I used to stay with my cousins on the weekends when I was growing up. My uncle had a subscription to Dog World and I would end up spending most of the weekend reading those magazines front to back. I fell in love with the German Shepherds from those magazines and I was hooked.

Me: Who were your mentors?

Gerald: Nancy Schneider and Lorraine Rosinski. God the hours I spent on the phone with these ladies and they both taught me so much.

Me: You have had a tremendous amount of success over the last few years. What do you contribute that to?

Gerald: Ch Geran's Always On My Mind ROM for without this bitch I would have no success. She has proven to be one of the great producing dams of our breed and her true worth to the breed was not been seen for years. To date My My has given Geran's nine champions with several more coming. I have stayed very focused and worked very hard at training, conditioning, and showing along with great owners and co-owners. Add all of this together and these are the reasons for Geran's success.

Me: What are the Geran's German Shepherds known for?

Gerald: I think my dogs are known for motion and type, with a strong emphasis on shoulders.

Me: Besides your own dogs, which dog from the past was your favorite and why?

Gerald: Ch. Wellspring's Ironsides ROM. I didn't see Charlie till he was older but I remember him as one hunk of a male. I fell in love with his breed type and presence.

Me: Where do you see the strengths in our breed today?

Gerald: I think we have excellent breed type. I don't see as many weak backs as I did in the past.

Me: Where do you see the weakness in our breed today?

Gerald: Shoulders and temperaments.

Me: What would you like to see change in the breed?

Gerald: I would like to see more breeders focus on correct motion and sound minds.

Me: What do you feel your greatest contribution to the breed is?

Gerald: I think my love and passion for this breed and preserving it to my best ability is the greatest contribution I can give.

Me: What do you think about today's judging?

Gerald: I think too many judges focus on pretty and plushy or what might seem to be today's fad. They need to focus on the dog’s motion more. This is a movement breed.

Me: Although you have shown and won at both Specialty and All Breed shows, you have told me that you prefer the All breed shows. Why is that?

Gerald: As a breeder and owner I love showing my dogs myself. I feel I am more competitive in the All breed ring as an owner handler.

Me: Is there anything that you would like to see changed in the Parent Club?

Gerald: Not really. It seems to be going very well right now.

Me: What food do you feed your dogs and how many times a day do you feed them?

Gerald: We feed Diamond natural chicken and rice and extreme athlete. We feed twice a day.

Me: What sort of advice would you give to people just starting out in the breed?

Gerald: Learn the standard. Learn correct motion. Then find a breeder who has a proven breeding program and watch what they do. Let them help you pick a nice puppy.

Me: What do you still want to accomplish in the breed that you haven't yet done?

Gerald: I am still looking to win a Best in Show!

Me: Where do you see yourself in the next five years in the breed?

Gerald: I have thought about judging, but keep telling myself I want to keep showing. So, I guess the future is still open.

Me: Tell us something about you that people don't know.

Gerald: I am a 32nd degree Mason.

Gerald is probably one of the most ambitious young men that I know of. If he sets his mind to do something, he usually achieves it. He is very focused about what he wants to do with his breeding program. He might listen to what others may say about different bloodlines, but one of the things that I’ve learned about him is that he ALWAYS DOES IT HIS WAY!

To see more of Gerald’s beautiful German Shepherds, take a look at his newly designed website at:

My rating: dedicated breeders: (4), mentors for the breed: (4)

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