Monday, October 5, 2009


How spoiled is your dog/dogs? Most of us have one or two house dogs and many others have at times (when they’re brave enough) all of their dogs in the house together. Dogs like humans, like their “creature comforts.” They know lying on a rug is nice, but stretched out on a bed; chair or couch is even nicer! In some homes, they’re allowed to do this. In others they are “doomed” to spend their days on the rug. Poor thing! I admit that I don’t like dogs on the furniture and especially not in my bed. But I used to have a sofa just for the dogs where I would put an old quilt on it so they could get themselves all nice and comfy and cozy. See the above picture of my dog “Rajah” with my mother on “his” dog sofa! Truth be told, "Rajah" was a lap dog and he wasn't trying to push my mother off of the sofa. He was trying to get her to let him lay across her lap. That's why she's looking at him laughing because he was trying to figure out how he was going to get away with that!

Well I ran across this advertisement the other day for pet covers. Plus even nicer, they were offering them for 10% off which I included the special saving code in the next paragraph. So I look up their ad and was very pleasantly surprised to see what nice products they were selling for those of us who own animals. Comfort for the dog and ease of mind for us.

The company is Sure Fit. They sell furniture slip covers. They now sell furniture throws for pet owners that allow their dogs to lay on chairs and sofas. They are very affordable and are easy to take care of. They protect the seat, back and arms of the furniture and are washable. Unlike regular slipcovers, these throws just drape over the furniture. They range in price from $29.99 - $39.99. Check them out at Also I am including a special code for you to save 10% off of your purchase. The code is: WWSF and it expires 11/30/09! This makes it very affordable for most budgets.

Another great company to check out is Orvis. They offer waterproof dog blankets, throws and covers but are much more expensive than the above company. However, they do have a great variety to choose from. Their prices range from $69.00 - $159.00!

Frontgate offers pet furniture slipcovers as well. You can get the traditional slipcover and now they even offer one with a bolster pillow that extends all around the back and sides of your sofa to give your furniture even more protection from hair and scratches. Plus it’s not a bad place for the dog to rest his weary little head. Their pet products are more expensive. They can run anywhere from $69.00 - $169.00.

Many people just throw an old quilt or blanket over the furniture so their pet can lay on it without ruining the upholstery. The nice things about slipcovers are they just look better on a piece of furniture than a worn out blanket does.

The better quality slipcovers can last for a few years and are easy to wash and take care of. They come in a variety of fabrics and colors.

My rating: durability: (4), fashionable: (4), comfort: (4), value: (4)

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