Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about dogs and their Zodiac signs. It was fun and I received a lot of positive feedback on it. So I’ve decided I will write about the different astrological signs each month.

This month, I will write about the astrological sign of Libra. The Libra dog is born anywhere from 9/24 – 10/23 although others say it is 9/23 – 10/22. This is the sign of the scales. They are one of the most beloved signs for they represent balance and are usually even tempered which makes them easy to get along with.

Dogs born under this sign usually make good show dogs. They love to perform for an audience and live for the adoration they receive for their performance. The only trouble an owner may have with the Libra born dog is that he can be lazy so sometimes training him can prove to be a challenge. Although he can be surprisingly energetic, he must be given a task to do to keep him interested. Remember this is the sign of the scales and just when you think you have him figured out……BOOM……he may surprise you!

This is the type of dog who is easy to live with. He detests an argumentative household for he is a very “easy to get along” with type of dog. Usually this is not the type of dog who looks for confrontation, but if challenged can be a formidable opponent. They love company so therefore, are very sociable creatures. They are much attuned to their owner’s personality traits and have a great desire to please them.

The Libra dog can become very bored of routine so needs different stimulation to keep him at his “happy best!” They have an insatiable curiosity for new adventures. That’s why these types of dogs make great traveling companions and excellent show dogs. They always look for new places to explore. They excel at the Futurity and National levels or in the Group finals.

Because of this dog’s eager to please, easy to like, type of personality, he is an excellent ambassador for the German Shepherd Dog breed. This is normally a good looking dog and even when genetics might get that wrong, his “look at me” character makes you forget about anything that “mother nature” forgot to bless him with! They can just about charm the pants off of anyone that they meet!

This is a very intelligent type of dog who also does very well in the obedience ring once you get him off of that sofa that he loves to “nest” in. But once he starts bringing home all those blue ribbons and receives all that enthusiastic applause that he craves so much, coaxing him off the sofa will soon become a thing of the past.

This is the type of dog that loves luxury. Woe to the owner of a dog that is born a Libra and is assigned to the mundane existence in a kennel run. You might find him very vocal, “antsy” and disruptive to all in his immediate vicinity. He wants out and into the house relaxing by a fireplace lying on a big soft comforter. He likes to be fed a raw diet or a natural, holistic food please. His taste for the finer things in life is something that he is born with. Tampering with his “luxury” loving nature and expecting him to exist in anything less, well it’s just unheard of for the dog born under the Libra sign!

The Libra dog will add much enjoyment to his owner’s life. Because of his need to please and be with you, he makes an excellent companion and one that his owner can be very proud of. These dogs make outstanding therapy dogs for their love of social connections and acceptability makes this sign second to none. Libra dogs do what ever it is that you ask of them. It’s a win/win situation both for the dog and the owner who loves him!

My rating: Libra dog as a great dog to live with: (4), training….with persistence (4), personality: (4), good looks: (3)

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