Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Recently I had the opportunity to try a dog food that I never heard of before. Because I am always on the look out for dog food products that are natural, holistic or organic, I was delighted to find this product. The ingredient and protein list met my qualifications of the type of food that I like to feed to my dogs.

Organix dog food products are made by a company called Castor and Pollux. They are a leader in innovative, natural and organic products. Because I have written about organic and holistic products before, I was happy to see that these companies’ products met with the USDA natural organic program requirements.

I tried the Organix Canine Formula for adults. It had no corn, no soy, no wheat and no Ethoxyquin! I was very happy to see that it had no ethoxyquin because I also reported about this ingredient several weeks ago. This is what some dog food companies use to preserve their fish ingredients. It is banned from use for human consumption because it is a known cancer producer. So why do dog food companies think it’s perfectly alright to use it on our beloved pets? Cancer is one of the top killers of dogs! Anyway, this company doesn’t use it, so this made me feel more confident about using their product. It is very hard to find a dog food company that doesn't use this ingredient. Just go check out some dog food web sites. How many of them say that they don't use ethoxyquin? Organix's web site says that it doesn't use this ingredient. This is just one more reason they have my vote of confidence.

The Organix formula that I used for my dogs contains organic chicken, fruits and vegetables along with glucosamine and probiotics. The crude protein is 26% while the crude fat is 14%. The first five ingredients are: organic chicken, chicken meal, organic brown rice, organic peas, and organic millet. The kernel is small in size so it was easily digestible. My dogs loved it and their stools were firm and compact. I introduced them to it slowly by mixing it with the food that I currently feed so I wouldn’t have to worry about any tummy upsets.

Many dog food companies are now adding probiotics to their products. I am such a big believer in probiotics for the German Shepherd Dog who is known to have a delicate intestinal tract.

Organix dog food is in the pricey range of canine foods. But if you are of the belief that you get what you pay for, then this is definitely a dog food that you might want to check out. The bottom line is: does your dog like it? Are his stools good? Does he have good energy on the food you’re feeding? Does his coat look healthy and shiny? Is his muscle tone good?

This dog food has been recommended by Whole Dog Journal for the last six years. You can read more about this dog food and the company that produces it at: www.castorpolluxpet.com. From their web site, you’ll be able to find a store in your area that sells their products.

My rating: quality: (4), dogs liking it: (4), stools: (4), price based on many ingredients being organic: (3)

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