Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. – Albert Pine

This is another saying that I love. And oh boy is it true. When you think of it, this certainly can apply to our German Shepherds Dogs. Oh they can be a little selfish and jealous when they are looking for our attention or they perceive another dog is challenging them for that attention. But this breed does so much for mankind that it remains long after the dog is no longer here. If we were to truly develop our dogs into all that they are capable of doing, when they are no longer with us, our heart would probably break even more. This is why I believe that we get so attached to this breed. There isn’t too much that we can ask of them that they can’t do. For although the dog is truly dependent on us for his needs, we have become dependent on this breed for there isn’t another dog that can replace their uniqueness. All dogs are great and have their own wonderful qualities, but the German Shepherd spoils us with his advanced intelligence and capability to love us.

No other breed that I’m aware of leaves so much behind when they depart this earth. If developed his potential for greatness has not limitation. I don’t believe any other breed has had more movies with him in the starring role. No other breed has been in the Police Department for as long as the German Shepherd. No other breed has fought more wars than the German Shepherd. The list remains endless for this breeds capability to work along side of man.

When showing this breed of dog, can there be any more beautiful in stance? Can they be anymore elegant in gait? Can there be any more obedient in trials and herding competitions?

There’s no doubt about it, this is truly an excellent all around type of dog. He’s not too big that he’s clumsy and he’s not too small that he doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. The general public admires the breed. The owner of one of these magnificent dogs knows what it’s like to be loved and protected by this breed. You couldn’t find a more loyal companion.

And what role do we play in the ownership of the German Shepherd Dog? What responsibility do we have to ensure that this breed does all that they were born to do? Do we owe a dog of this superior quality more than a hard cold cement kennel run? Do we owe this dog to be let out of that kennel run for other things besides going to a dog show or to produce a litter of puppies? Some dogs only see the inside of a house when they are giving birth to puppies. Then others never come in and remain in the kennel to fend for themselves.

When we show our dogs and win big prizes with them, we are doing that for ourselves. The dog doesn’t know what he just did and really doesn’t care. The only thing he cares about is being with us.

Some great dogs of this breed will always be remembered no matter how much time goes by. The Great Grand Victor Champion Lance of Fran-Jo ROM probably more than any other dog changed and dictated the style of dogs for decades to come. Some great breeders have a page in the history books reserved for them with their names on it, like the Fran-Jo kennels, the Covy-Tucker Hill kennels, etc. But you don’t have to be a big shot breeder or owner of a well known stud dog to leave your mark in this breed. It’s about those that do all the work in the clubs that never get recognized for their dedication. It’s about all those that give unknown hours upon hours of their own personal time rescuing dogs that no one else wants. It’s about those breeders that breed animals with wonderful minds that can serve in the military or visit the sick and old in the nursing homes. These people’s names you may never read about, but without them this great big wonderful breed of ours would never get the recognition that they have.

How we treat people in this breed stands as a testament to what remains behind when we leave this earth as well. Have we been kind to one another? Have we lent a hand to help those just starting out? Have we added to the gossip chit chat trying to destroy others reputations? That too remains long after we are gone……..how we treat others.

Have we helped with rescue efforts in some way or another or did we choose to turn our heads convincing ourselves that it’s not our problem? After all we didn’t cause it and why should we be made to feel guilty about it? I am forever grateful for all the selfless hours and time spent that some people put into rescue work. This too shall remain.

The older that you get and the more you realize that you’ll be stepping up to the plate some time in the not too distant future, the more you think about your life and what you will leave behind on this planet that we all share. Oh you could get yourself all wrapped up in the “Do you know what she said about you” kinds of conversations. You can get mad. You can get sad. Yes we’ve all experienced those feelings, but you always must consider the source of where it is coming from. And you know what your first impulse may be to lash out and reciprocate. But then you just can’t help it because you find yourself smiling. Not planned smiles mind you. But it’s there nevertheless. You realize that you have just been given so much power over the weaker vicious “gossip lovers” (without even looking for it) because you’re still bothering them and you didn’t even have to lift a finger to do it! And to add to that, you didn’t have to do anything about it at all. In time it will all be taken care of. You find that you’ve got someone bigger in your corner. Payback is a bitch! Don’t you just love it!

I would hate to think that I left this earth not having touched some people positively. Having bred some wonderful dogs and having them go into some wonderful loving forever homes is more than I could have ever asked for in this breed. Having the winning show dogs has been a wonderful journey because of the friendships that I’ve made in the breed and the wonderful people that have come into my life. Knowing that I’ve made some people happy, knowing that I’ve helped some people and that I’ve bred some dogs that brought happiness into other peoples lives, well then I’ve lived a successful life and it remains when I leave.

If I can be remembered for what I wrote, whether I wrote a memorial for your dog or an article that helped you to understand something better, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do. I’ve set out to touch you…….and this too remains.

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My rating: Being remembered for the dogs you bred: (1 - 4), Being remembered for the lives you've touched: (4)

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