Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing on my blog this past week, but as some of you know that belong to my e-mail list, my computer caught a virus! In all the years that I have had a computer and internet service, I was one of the lucky ones. I never got a virus. I read about everyone else around me getting them, but not me! That is until Thanksgiving evening!

I got a pop up from my tool bar on the bottom of my screen and it said it was from Windows and said that my computer had been infected with multiple viruses. Yikes, more than one? So I clicked on the message and it told me to click on it again and it would scan my computer to locate where the viruses was. Little did I know that my computer was not infected until I clicked for them to run the scanner. The so called scanner was not deleting any virus, IT WAS ADDING THE VIRUS! From then on in, I couldn’t get on the internet or retrieve or read my e-mails. Instead I kept getting pop ups and pornography sent to me and it would ask if I wanted to get rid of this virus to pay with a credit card for the software that would get rid of “my problem.”

By this time, I alerted my brother who does trouble shooting with computer problems for a living. He told me not to respond to these pop ups. He told me to run my virus program already on my computer to see if that could help get rid of the virus. All this did was go through everything on my computer and locate the many viruses that were now sitting on my computer. There were many Trojans installed, but they couldn’t remove them. So my brother took my computer home with him and had it back to me in two days. I was so thankful!

What was life like without my computer? Well for one thing, I couldn’t write this blog. I couldn’t get onto my e-mail list. For that fact, I couldn’t get on anyone’s e-mail list! No more Facebook, no more researching, no more connecting with people that I normally wouldn’t connect with if it weren’t for the computer. It’s a sad fact how we’ve become so used to the internet for so many things. It makes one wonder how we got along without it.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all. I hope to have another blog up in a couple of days. I have some other pressing things that I need to get to that I wasn’t able to do without my computer. So once that gets done, I’ll be back writing on here again.

Watch out for those viruses. When you least expect it……there it is. It can come from anywhere and like my brother said the people (lowlifes) that do this kind of stuff are becoming more and more advanced. They have you believing what they send to you is legitimate. It’s not. So beware my friends. Have a great day everyone!

From the book: "THE ART OF COMPUTER VIRUS RESEARCH AND DEFENSE"....."Of all the computer-related books I've read recently, this one influenced my thoughts about security the most. There is very little trustworthy information about computer viruses. Peter Szor is one of the best virus analysts in the world and has the perfect credentials to write this book."


  1. Glad you are back. Those who do this virus stuff are really low life for sure. They need to catch the creeping crud for a few years.
    Ironically I can remember what life was like before computer's, television, and party lines. Ours was a party line of about a dozen people. Our entertainment was radio, books, comic's, and playing outside.
    Times have sure changed as I sit here writing this on my laptop. I bought my wife a Kindle for Christmas and that little thing will hold 3,500 books, and lots of them free. Had anyone suggested these innovations to me during the radio years I'd have had a great big belly laugh or as they say now FOFLOL.

  2. Right you are Bruce! I remember only getting a few channels on the television and being very thankful for that. Now if kids don't get the whole package that the cable company offers, they sulk! They weren't kidding when they said that the internet was the information highway!......and so another addiction was made!

  3. I have read many blogs from passionate animal lovers, but the posts about your PUPPIES are some of the best!

  4. Thank you so much for your generous and kind remarks! I appreciate it!