Monday, November 22, 2010


Thank you to those of you who played along with my little quiz that I posted here on Friday. You put your thinking caps on and sent me your answers. Some of them you got right and of course, the others you got wrong. Someone got 99% of the answers correct. Everyone got one of the questions wrong. That was the question about who wrote the memorial for LaMar Kuhns and her husband read it at the Arizona National Specialty show. Many of you thought it was Connie Beckhardt. See the correct answer below. So here are the answers to my little quiz.

The handler that said “I can finish anything” was Jimmy Moses. Someone wrote to tell me that Jerry Guzman says this as well. Come to think of it, probably many handlers would say this to someone when asked if they could finish their dog.

The handler that said, “Give me a spooky dog to show. They always move, was LaMar Kuhns. I don’t know how well he’d do with a dog like this today as the judges are not as tolerant of spooky temperament in their ring.

The two litter sisters that were Grand Victrix was Anton’s Jenny and Anton’s Jessie. Everyone got that right.

The person that wrote the memorial tribute for LaMar Kuhns was Jane Dove and her husband Sylvan Dove read it at the 1984 National Specialty show in Arizona.

There were two writers of “This is the German Shepherd” book and they were Ernest Hart and William Goldbecker.

The editor of the GSD Review in 1985 was Lois Fryslin.

If a dog produces his phenotype, this means he produces himself……what he looks like.

The GSD Specialty club that Ed Barritt still belongs to and still stewards at most years but no longer lives in that state is the Mohawk Hudson Club in New York.

If your dog is diagnosed as having SIBO, those letters stand for “Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.”

The first ROM import since 1967 was Ch Jim v Fiemereck ROM

The people that used to advertise in the GSD Review and put on the bottom of their ads, “Records live, opinions die” were Ralph and Mary Roberts.

The Grand Victor whose father was a Grand Victor and he himself produced two Grand Victors and one Grand Victrix who lost one of his Grand Victor sons to bloat was GV Ch Mannix of Fran-Jo ROM.

The person that writes “Inside the German Shepherd Dog’s World” is me!

The person that writes the National Specialty show blogs is Evan Ginsberg

The German Shepherd Dog family of handlers are the Dancosses……Henry, Sandy and Leslie.

“Rex the wonder dog” was owned by breeder/exhibitor/judge, Joe Bihari.

If a dog is said to have the initials EPI then this means he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

The white German Shepherd Dog is the dog that is disqualified if he was in the ring. (Note: I said excused…..should be disqualified, but most of you knew what I was talking about).

All of these dogs would be disqualified: nose not predominately black, down with an undershot jaw, dog with hanging ears and the dog that tried to bite the judge.

That’s it for today, so once again, thanks for joining in.

My rating: refreshing your memory on trivia about the German Shepherd Dog: (4)

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