Friday, November 19, 2010


So you think you know the German Shepherd dog and the people associated with them. Put your thinking cap on. Here you go. Just for fun!

What handler said: "I can finish anything?"

What handler said: "Give me a spooky dog to show. They always move."

What two litter sisters went Grand Victrix?

Who wrote the memorial tribute for LaMar Kuhns and her husband read it at the 1984 National Specialty Show in Arizona?

Who wrote the book "This is the German Shepherd?"

Who was the editor of the GSD Review in 1985?

If a dog is advertised as producing his phenotype, what does that mean?

What GSD Specialty club does Ed Barritt still belong to and most years still stewards at but he no longer lives in that state?

If your dog is diagnosed as having SIBO, what do those letters stand for?

I was the first ROM import since 1967, who am I?

Who used to advertise in the Review and put on the bottom of their ads: "Records live, opinions die?"

I came from a famous kennel. I was a Grand Victor. My father was a Grand Victor and I produced two Grand Victor sons and a Grand Victrix daughter. I had one good hip and one that was a little off. Me and my father before me lived long healthy lives but one of my Grand Victor sons was not as lucky. He bloated and died. Who am I?

I write “Inside the German Shepherd Dog’s World.” Who am I?

I write a blog from the German Shepherd Dog Club National Specialty shows these last several years. Who am I?

What are the names of the German Shepherd Dog family of handlers that consisted of father, mother and child that dominated the show ring back in the 1980’s and the child still handles today?

What well known breeder/exhibitor/judge owned “Rex the wonder dog?”

With some of today's dog's you might see attached many different awards or titles at the end of his name, for hips, health and obedience titles that he may have earned. You'll see them identified with a gazillion initials. If you hear the initials EPI associated with a certain dog, is that a good thing and what does it stand for?

At a specialty show, a judge has standing before her five German Shepherd Dogs. Which dog has to be excused? The roach backed Shepherd, the long coated Shepherd, the white Shepherd, the dog with four missing molars, the overshot mouth Shepherd?

The following day at the next specialty show, the judge has the following dogs in her ring. Which dog has to be excused? The dog that has a nose that is not predominantly black, the dog with the undershot jaw, the dog with hanging ears or the dog that tries to bite the judge?

So how do you think that you did? Do you think you got them all right? Share your answers with us and see how many of them you got right. Let's see who the first one is to get them all right, then on Monday I'll post the answers here to these questions.

My rating: German Shepherd trivia: (4)

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