Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I’m not going to tell you the history of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, except to tell you that it is one of the largest breed dog clubs in the country. Their new and improved website will do much better justice than I can here in a shorter amount of space. I encourage all German Shepherd dog lovers to spend some time looking over this informative website maintained by dedicated volunteers. Learn about how your beloved breed got started. View pictures of some of the top dogs in the country both past and present. Learn where to buy a puppy. No where else will you find such an up to date wealth of resources about the breed than on this website.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America counts among its membership AKC licensed judges, handlers, breeders, exhibitors, trainers, groomers, and the “average Joe” who just loves the breed. Where else can you find such a diverse group of people brought together by their love of the German Shepherd Dog?

Learn how to become involved and how to become a member of this organization. Learn how to subscribe to their award winning magazine, “The GSD Review” which is published 12 times a year. Read the informative articles and drool over the beautiful pictures of some of the top German Shepherd Dogs in the country.

One of the goals of this prestigious club is to help promote and educate the public about this special breed of dog. An educated public is the best voice we have to further the awareness of responsible dog ownership. This is the place to learn about the correct temperament and structure of this breed.

So come take a look at all the beautiful German Shepherd Dogs. Stay awhile and get educated and find out how you can become more involved with one of the most popular and beloved breed of dogs. The most beautiful, intelligent German Shepherds in the world are just a click away. Check out their website at:

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  1. While the GSDCA promotes the showing, conditioning, and training of purebred German Shepherd Dogs it is my personal opinion that they are lacking in the area of outreach as it applies to the GSD Pet owner. Many of the magazines I have received are extremely thin on information and some are no more than an advertisement.
    I would like to see the GSDCA become a club for the German Shepherd Dog in ALL of its well as be more proactive in the area of Rescue and public relations. They are also in need of a much stronger Breeders Code of Ethics; one that actually has the ability to censure its signers when they violate the Code. The Tibetan Spaniel club (among others) have much more stringent guidelines regarding breeding stock with relation to health issues.
    While the GSDCA has its good points, someone once said "Even if you are on the right track, if you dont move, you will be run over". Its now 2009 and maybe time to revamp their mission statement and look at how the club impacts the world of the German Shepherd dog in todays realm.