Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last Hope, Safe Haven bridges the gap between shelter and rescue. What does this mean? They contact the shelters who have German Shepherd Dogs and in some cases German Shepherd mixes and provide transportation to a foster home until a permanent home can be found. Many times they foot the bill for veterinarian costs related to the proper care for the animal. This can include heartworm treatments, worming, trauma cases, injuries, etc. Last Hope, Safe Haven believes none of our beloved breed should ever end up in a shelter. They have been instrumental in helping re-home over 350 dogs in the last couple of years.

Last Hope, Safe Haven is the brain child of its founder, Dawn Restuccia. She is supported by an equally devoted and hard working group of people who helps share her work load. Dawn is also the recipient of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America's President's award. She is an ambassador and lover of this breed and has fought hard to make the public aware of what goes on in shelters. Many shelters are kill shelters and her organization works feverishly to save as many German Shepherds as humanly possible. They know all too well that they won’t be able to save them all.

Because of the economic crisis we all face in this country, the shelters are filling up faster than ever before. People are losing their jobs and homes and it’s not unusual to see a once beloved pet heading to their last residency at a shelter. Many times it’s a senior citizen dog who becomes quickly depressed wondering where his owners went. This is no way for a devoted companion dog to end his life.

Last Hope, Safe Haven recognizes and appreciates all the generous donations from the public. Without these donations, another life is lost. You may see Dawn or one of her volunteers handing out literature about this organization at a dog show or outside a local grocery store. Besides those who donate funds, there are those who transport dogs to a foster home, or volunteer their time spending many hours on the telephone, etc. Any way someone can help to spread the word about our beloved breed and the fate some of them find themselves in is very much appreciated. An uneducated public can do noting to further their cause. An educated public can mean the difference between life and death.

For more information about this wonderful organization, look up their site on the web at:

My rating: communication with the public: (4), success of helping save a life: (3), dedication: (4), support and follow up of organization: (4)

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  1. Someone wrote to me to remind that Dawn Restuccia received an award from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for her outstanding service. This is why if you read the blog in the morning it changed in the afternoon to include this information.