Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This blog is about all things pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog. It’s about the people who love them and care for them. It’s about the clubs that promote the betterment of the breed. It’s about the products used to care for their health and beauty. It’s about the services used to train these beautiful animals. In short, it’s about anything and everything pertaining to the betterment of the German Shepherd Dogs world.

This is the place to find ratings and reviews on all things related to the German Shepherd Dog. And it's you who rates and reviews the subject matter. So you are getting first hand opinions from those who have experienced using a product or service. However, it is not necessarily the opinion of the blog owner. Also this is not a place to belittle or abuse someone. It is a place for honest evaluations.

The products or services will be rated using a rating system. The rating system will be graded on a scale of 1 – 4 stars. 1 = bad, 2 = fair, 3 = good, and 4 = excellent. Then after you rate it, you can leave a comment on how it can be improved upon or if you think it’s fine just the way it is. Each time I write a blog about a subject, you have a chance to rate it. I believe this will help everyone who wants to know about something before they use it or buy it. Subjects for review MAY include products, services, stud dogs, magazines, etc. For this first review, I'm giving my opinion on the subject matter. In some cases the rating system will be broken down on different aspects of the subject. So here goes:

Today’s subject is: THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG REVIEW: (official publication of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America) Content: (3), Appearance: (4), editorial: (4), value for the money: (3). Comment: overall a very good breed magazine, but in my opinion needs better marketing to generate more advertising.


  1. I have seen many breed magazines and our GSD is the most expensive in which to advertise. In my opinion, times are tough and other businesses are giving breaks - why not our magazine? Give discounts for muliple months or pages - bringing in more ads making up for the discount. Have photo contests - giving the winner a free page ad. Ask the membership for ideas - there are many out there with great thoughts. Try some!

  2. I have to agree that I would love to see discounts given for ads. I believe this would help generate more business and the magazine would be a "healthy" size with more beautiful ads for our reading enjoyment. It would also generate more revenue for the Parent Club.