Thursday, March 25, 2010


Anyone that owns and lives with a German Shepherd Dog knows that they are living with one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs on the planet. There’s not too much that you can ask him to do that he can’t. He is definitely one of the most versatile of the breeds. There are many things that you can teach the German Shepherd Dog. He makes an excellent show dog, obedience prospect, guide for the blind, rescue dog, therapy dog, herding dog and just all around “pretty much do whatever you train him to do” type of dog. Of all these descriptions about this wonderful breed, I’ve never heard anyone say that their German Shepherd is a comedian dog. Oh sure some of them can make you laugh because of some of the funny things that they do. This is an emotional breed and he always reminds you that he is because of his need and desire to be with you.

I own ten blogs although those other nine have garnered some cobwebs since I’ve started writing on this one. One of those blogs is about my dog “Bu”…….the baddest dog on the planet and the biggest pain in the “Arse!” Now I’ve decided to add comedian to her limited resume. I confess……I take responsibility for her…….I bred her! I’m going to re-tell a couple of stories about her to remind you which one I’m talking about and for those of you who never heard of her. I’ll save her newest “laugh out loud, tears streaming down my face” moment for last. If my mother was still alive, she’d say to me, “You’re not going to write about that are you?’’ “Oh yes I am mother because the older I get, the more I’ve learned to laugh at myself. Might as well join in with the crowd!”

“Bu” was born with the words “ALPHA” splashed across her scrawny little chest. She doesn’t know any other way to act. It’s imprinted on her “overly active, too smart for her own good” mind! She might be doing one thing like chewing on her bone, but is ever aware of what one of the other dogs is doing in the other room at all times. Her mouth is on her bone, but her ears and eyes are tuned into wherever it is that one of the other dogs are; especially her sister.  See the little darling in the above picture looking so angelic.  Then take a look at her doing what she does best.......attacking her sister Jess! 

When she gets out of hand, I’ve tried disciplining her and even done the “alpha roll” on her. That’s a joke….for although she can’t move and squirm away from me too easily, she’s just timing it for when I release her. She jumps up and looks at me like if to say, “is that all you got?’ To “Bu” everything is a game.

So I told some of you this story already. I’m repeating it here for those that haven’t read it. So hang in here with me guys until the last part of this story for her funniest moment yet. About two years ago, I looked out my back window and Bu and Jess (her sister) were out on the back porch. Bu was in the dog house and Jess was lying on the deck in the sun. It was a beautiful day, but Bu wasn’t content in letting it remain that way. Everything was too quiet and uneventful for this bad girl! She doesn’t see me watching her out the window. Out walks the little terror with a mouth full of wood shavings from the inside of the dog house. Jess is minding her business and not paying attention to her sister. Bu walks over to Jess with the wood shavings and dumps them on her head. I began to laugh hysterically as Jess looked up at the window with a piece of the shaving attached to her eyelash! Oh how I wish I had a camera!

Another time when I gave my three girls a marrow bone to chew on, Bu decides she’s had enough chewing for the day. She promptly gets up and walks with that defiant little wiggle in her backside and carries her chewed up bone over to where her mother is chewing her bone. Bu takes her foot and puts it on her mothers back as if she wants her to remain there and drops her bone on her captive held body!

Alright, alright already…….now for her funniest moment of all. Two days ago when all three of them were in the house together, I was standing in the kitchen with them. I had on a pair of very old “seen its better days” pants. I had just made up my mind that that day was the last day I was going to wear them as the tie that held them together was broken. Anyway, Bu doesn’t need too much reason for jumping up on me especially if she catches me looking at her. She thinks she has an invitation then. Well without any warning, “BOOM, she jumps up on me just one time and it was perfect timing. Up she jumps, down my pants fall around my ankles!” Yup, yours truly was standing in the middle of the kitchen in my “under-drawers!” Can I tell you, I laughed so hard the tears were rolling down my face? This only excited Bu even more as she started attacking and biting her sister Jess like she normally does when there’s too much excitement. And like usual, I yell at her to leave her sister alone. Well she’s in her most “devilish” mood and starts telling me off by barking at me. I grab my pants up around my waist and holding them in one hand, I chase Bu through the rooms yelling at her telling her she’s a very bad girl. She runs with me in hot pursuit into her bedroom where her crate is. She’s so darn fast, and I’m so darn slow. I go to give her a swift kick in the butt with my bedroom slipper. The slipper goes flying across the room and my pants fall down around my ankles once again! Never a peaceful moment in this house……but lots of laughter!

I decided I know exactly where Bu gets her ways from. It’s her mother Amber. When Amber was younger she too made me laugh out loud because she was so funny, although not anywhere as bad as Bu is. Amber loves to follow me into the bathroom all the time. And when she does, 90% of the time she needs to pick up a toy and bring it in to me and drop it on my lap. Well one day, she does this and I said something to her and she jumped up on me and got her feet caught into my pants and couldn’t her herself untangled while I’m sitting on the “john!” Oh my goodness, another “tear producing” laugh out loud moment.

Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t easier just living with a dumb dog. These Shepherds are just too gosh darn smart................and funny! So some of you people that have kennel dogs……you don’t know what you’re missing! They are without doubt a constant source of entertainment if your blood pressure can take it! I’d love to hear your stories about the comedians that share your house with you!

My rating: smart dogs: (4), smart and bad dog combination: (1)

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  1. Thanks for the very enjoyable post! :-)

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks! Living with dogs always gives me something to write about!