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This was a little something that I wrote about several years ago. It's something short and sweet about the ownership and love for a bitch that you plan on breeding for her first time. Perhaps you're a first time breeder or maybe you've been breeding for years and one of your girls has found a very special place in your heart. So this is for the first time breeder and for all those that own a "heart dog." It was written for one of my dogs, but the sentiment can be for anyone that is loved by a dog!

Barbara J. Galasso

You were just a bundle of fluff when I first laid my eyes upon you. Your big ears crossed over the top of your head and when you ran across the yard to greet me, the wind played with and bounced them from side to side. Just a bundle of love all wrapped up in a package of puppy breathe and kisses. I knew that I had just had my heart stolen and it would never fully belong to me again.

From the time that I brought you home, you truly believed you were meant to be the queen of your castle. You immediately set out to take over your new home and made sure that your cold wet nose had inspected everything. Your smudge prints were left on any surface that used to have a shine to it.

Belly rubs…..oh, that pink belly skin of yours, ball chasing, squeaky toys squeaking, dog biscuit begging, sit, down and stay lessons to be taught. Reminders from you to me when it’s your breakfast time, your treat time, your supper time and your evening snack time all done with a nudge to my arm, a whine in your throat and that constant circling around me until I acknowledge your hard efforts.

How many laughs did you give me almost on a daily basis? From watching you struggle to get your hind legs up on the bed only to fall back down on the floor again. The more I laughed at you, the more determined you became. You’d bark at me for laughing at you I remember. Did you really know I was making fun of you, I wonder. You loved watching TV with me especially when I’d share my popcorn with you, not really caring which flavor it was, but just that it was popcorn.

You and I did everything and went everywhere together; constant companions, you and me. You made your presence known every place I took you. You were never the quiet type, you know. I used to and still do call you “Little Miss Emotional”. You would make your announcements with a loud show off bark demanding everyone come over and pet you and that long tail of yours; well it never did stop wagging. Happy is your middle name.

You’ve taught me to realize that we humans can truly be ourselves around our dogs. You may look at me like I’m crazy when I act the fool, but you’ll never betray my secrets. They are totally safe with you, my dog.

That first year went by too quickly. How many walks up the mountain we took together when chasing and barking at the deer was one of your many favorite past times? You loved going for walks, but I think you enjoyed handling classes best of all. This is where you got to show off the most. Everyone else was so well behaved. Mischievous was a word they added to the dictionary just for you.

Now as I look at the calendar, I realize that next month you will be two years old. The time is fast approaching for the real reason you were born. Your destiny is to be fulfilled. Your heritage is to be passed to the next generation from all the breeders in your pedigree before me. I am chosen to continue the work that they painstakingly started.

As I drive down the street, I take a quick look at you lying in the back seat. I get a little melancholy wondering where the first two years of your life went so fast. I’ve decided I’ve grown the old sentimental fool. I want to keep you just the way you are. I want nothing to take that purity of innocence away from you; the part that still keeps you a puppy.

We just came from the vet’s today, you and I. You had your examination and your blood work was done. The doctor tells me, everything looks fine and your girl is ready to be bred. The stud dog owner is notified and in another few days you and I will be taking another trip in the car together. Only this time you leave as a puppy and return home a puppy no more.


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My rating: German Shepherd puppies: (4), "Heart Dogs" (4)

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