Thursday, April 8, 2010


I’m always researching different things to write about and I love it when I find products that I think are worth your while to check into. Today I’m reviewing two products….nothing you haven’t heard of before, but you might want to check into if you don’t already use them.

The first one is the “StarMark Clicker Dog Training System.” If you’ve never tried clicker training, you should really give it a try. Not only is an excellent way to help obedience train your dog, but it is a great double handling tool as well. It’s small and compact and can fit right in your pocket. If I take one of the dogs in the car with me and I stop at a store, I have the clicker in my pocket. When I come out of the store, I click it and if the dog is lying down in the back seat, he gets up quickly knowing that I’m walking towards the car. Using the clicker will get his attention all the time. It’s also funny to watch the reactions from people walking across the parking lot as well knowing that they’re hearing something and they don’t know where it’s coming from. They are great to take with you if you are taking your dogs on a hike. Many times the dogs love to go off and investigate on their own if they are off the leash. Give a couple of clicks on this gadget and you’ll see that they’ll run back to you once again. These little gadgets are so inexpensive, that I have a couple of them. One I take with me when I go out with the dogs and the other one remains at home. If you want to get your dogs attention fast, the use of this clicker will do it!

From the description of the product: The StarMark Clicker Training System is based on the scientific principles of Classical and Operant Conditioning, 2 proven and well-respected methods of modifying your dog’s behavior and enhancing his training experience. Teach him to repeat behaviors that lead to rewards. The ergonomic Clicker fits comfortably in your hand and features an easy-to-press raised button and a stainless steel rust-resistant clicker element. To reward your dog, click the button and give your pet a treat, so he will learn to associate that action with a reward. Use the included step-by-step training guide for complete details. The guide is approved by the Training Directors of Triple Crown Academy. Clicker attaches easily to a keychain or lanyard, so you can always have it close by.

The other product that I came across today, I thought fit in so well with the clicker system so that’s why I’m including it here as well. It’s called the Canine Hardware Treat Tote. Can I tell you how much I love this handy little tote idea? It’s simplistic in concept but so functional in design. How many times do you put a dog cookie or treat in your pocket, forget that it’s there and when you remember it, the treat is not anything but crumbles? I hate that when it happens. Now you can clip this little tote on your belt and forget about the mess you would normally have in your pocket. It’s small enough to wear and for those who are “fashion conscious” it comes in a choice of colors. It also comes in small and large sizes.

From the product description: Perfect for afternoons in the park or training sessions, the Treat Tote is a small pouch designed to carry a handful of treats for your dog. The versatile Treat Tote has a specially designed clip that slips onto your pocket or belt. Keep crumbs out of your pocket and a smile on your dog's face.

I think these two products work well in conjunction with one another. If you are training your dog with the Clicker program, you would be giving him a treat as a reward. So if you have to carry the treat with you, don’t mess up your pockets, try something like the treat tote. In my opinion, both of these products work well together.

Both of these products are inexpensive but can be so rewarding to the pet owner, trainer, or show person. It’s a win – win solution!

My rating: Clicker system: (4), Treat tote: (4)


  1. Do you think there is any chance that clicker and treat bag would work on kids too?

  2. Only if you give the kids something that they really want!!! LOL!