Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was reading my morning news on Yahoo this morning which I do everyday. With my coffee in my hand, I sat back in my chair catching up with life around the world. I read about how some say the economy is starting to change for the better. They came to this conclusion because some women are going back to the finer departments stores and buying clothes once again. I continue reading to the next article telling me why a well known actress known for her “skinny frame” put on some extra pounds for a role in her newest movie. Then I read about the biggest myths about allergies for this time of year. All of these are just some simple human interest stories. Then I see the black and white blurry picture of the next article. The title draws my attention…..”Outrage at good Samaritan’s fate.” So I click on the link to read the story.

It seems that a homeless man came to the defense of a woman who was having a fight with her boyfriend. The fight turned physical and that’s when this man tried to help the woman. Remember the saying: “No good deed goes unpunished?” Well this would definitely fit in that category! In trying to help this woman, this poor man’s life was sacrificed. That’s horrible enough! But what’s even more horrible is the fact that this poor man lie bleeding to death (he was stabbed) and at least seven people walked past him not offering any help whatsoever! This was all caught on a surveillance camera. Some people walked by. Others stopped to gawk. There was even one who lifted the poor man exposing the blood on the sidewalk underneath him. Then he walked away.

Finally emergency workers arrived ONE HOUR later! By that time it was too late. The man was already dead! How does something like this happen? Are we too afraid to become involved? A dog would do better than that!

If a dog were to see someone lying on the street, what do you think he would do? His first reaction would be to go and investigate the person lying there. He’d probably sniff at him several times. Perhaps he’d even be whimpering. He could even start to bark seeing the lifeless figure just lying there. But rest assured he’d bring attention to the man. He most definitely would not just walk on by like it’s not his problem. Is the dog more sensitive and caring than the human? Has the human with his superior intelligence lost his sense of kindness for his fellow man? Is this another example where man can learn from the dog who has less intelligence but seemingly more capacity for love and if nothing else, just being inquisitive enough to find out why the heck is that man lying on the street bleeding to death to begin with?

We are a troubled nation that’s for sure because we find ourselves at the mercy of an economic strangulation that many of us didn’t see coming. And for those that did, didn’t prepare for it. With people losing their homes and their jobs, more and more dogs and cats are turned into shelters. Some are left behind, abandoned to wander and fend for themselves. Most of them won’t make it. New pups are born on cold cement floors in an already over crowed shelter. Senior dogs are left to wonder when their master will come to claim them once again. Their warm beds have now been replaced with floors that are too cold and hard for their arthritic bodies.

For some, they can’t take care of the animals that they once loved and raised to play with their kids. If we are forced to make hard decisions about what becomes of our animals because feeding little Johnny is more important than feeding “Shep”, then a dying man lying on a lonely dark street becomes no more important than the stray dog lying there that was just hit by a car. “It’s not my problem” many will say. Just turn your head the other way. You got enough problems.

As for the woman that was being attacked by her boyfriend, so far both are missing. Neither one of them has come forward. Well of course the boyfriend wouldn’t. He’s probably the one that stabbed the homeless man. How is the woman feeling knowing that someone’s life was taken so she wouldn’t be slapped around by a brute of a boyfriend I wonder? Will she come forward? I’m willing to bet she won’t!

In the article that I read, someone asked, “Is anybody human anymore?” If we become void of emotions, then we’re just existing and then I wonder……existing for what? If you are a "baby boomer" like I am, you'll probably remember the words to a popular song. It went something like this......"Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart." The song title was, "Put a little love in your heart." Boy could we use that today. In fact everyday!

This happened a week ago. Life goes on and people walk back on that same street with the fading red stain where the dying man laid several nights ago. People walk hand in hand chatting and talking about the new sale that Macy’s has this coming week end. Someone else talks about a birthday dinner they plan on spending at the newest restaurant down the end of the street. Mr. Kramer is walking his dog like he usually does. The dog stops and smells the pavement and let’s out a little cry where the already forgotten man spent his last moments. The homeless man doesn’t have to worry anymore where he is going to sleep tonight. Someone took care of that problem for him!

My rating: the heart of the dog: (4), the heart of SOME people: (1)

From the book: "THE HIDDEN POWER OF KINDNESS: A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR SOULS WHO DARE TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD, ONE DEED AT A TIME." Supremely practical. If you would like to improve your relations with others and so lead a more happy and peaceful life, get this book and read it carefully. This wonderful book increases our insights into the wonders of the message that speaks so powerfully to us: 'Love is patient, love is kind .

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  1. We have lost our moral compass....and if we are not careful, we will have lost our mortal soul as well.
    We have become a nation of sheep. I read somewhere that 80% of people, when confronted with a critical situation, will sit and wait for 'someone" to direct them. 20% will do the WRONG thing...and the remaining 20% will take appropriate action, even guiding others to move out of the oncoming path of destruction.
    Where did we lose our way? George Washington and his men walked through snow with feet wrapped in rags, leaving a trail of blood as they marched to defeat the British. They pledged their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to each other...and lived up to that pledge. They asked daily for Guidance from God and that He shine His light upon our burgeoning Nation. I cannot imagine any ONE of them leaving someone to die hideously on a sidewalk.
    If this Nation does not pull its collective head out of the sand and see the degradation that is raining down upon us and choose the road less traveled...I truly fear for our future. We must find that mustard seed that dwells deep within us...the strength to face tomorrow...the courage to choose the course of righteousness...and the wisdom to cry out for His help and guidance in the darkness.