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Wow.....this is my 200th. article that I've written for this blog. I never believed that I could find that many things to write about.

Barbara J. Galasso

So I tell this guy the other day that I own a few German Shepherd Dogs. He says to me, “Hey, what do you want to own those kinds of dogs for? They’re very vicious.” To which I reply, “No they’re very protective.”

“Oh yeah, well I hear that they turn on their masters. Who wants to raise a dog that’s going to turn on you?” he shouts back at me. “The only one they turn on, I tell him, are those trying to hurt his master. And believe me, that’s when you’d be glad that you owned this dog!”

“Well I don’t care what you say. I wouldn’t want them around my kids. I’d never trust them.” I tell him “A more loyal and protective companion you won’t find for your children. There’s no better guardian to watch over them.”

“I hear that they’re wild and uncontrollable” he continues. I tell him that they need to be trained and given something to do because of their high intelligence. Looking over at his children punching and kicking one another, I tell him, “No sir, he won’t be any more wild and uncontrollable than your darling little angels.”

He ignores me and continues his rambling. “Why just look out how crippled they are in the rear” he almost shouts at me. Those back legs are all messed up. Who wants a dog that looks like that?” “Oh probably all those people who own them and made them the second most popular and beloved breed in the country,” I smugly reply back to him.

“And what about all the hair that they leave all over the house?” he questions me. “Well you got me on that one,” I tell him honestly. “They constantly shed so you will have to brush his coat often and vacuum the house at least every other day”, I tell him hoping this will finally shut him up.

“I just got one more thing to say to you my friend,” the man continues. Friend, he called me friend? I’m wondering when that took place? “Those German Shepherds have got wolf in their blood! Just look at those teeth!” he shouts at me. “Will this never end with this guy?” I ask myself. And when I can no longer tolerate one more second of his stupidity, I turn and look him straight in the eye and tell him, “Yeah, and the better to eat you with MY FRIEND!”

I love stories about animals because I feel we can learn so much from them. We are truly blessed when we are owned by a dog. Check this book out if you are looking for a "laugh out loud" enjoyable read.

"THE DIARY OF JINKY: DOG OF A HOLLYWOOD WIFE"...........Jinky's "mom" and "dad" might be complainers, but Jinky is just happy to be alive. He enjoys every minute and he can't understand why his lucky, pampered Hollywood parents and their show business friends are such miserable whiners. After all, Jinky's life started badly:
"My life began in a cage in San Pedro, California. Some creepy guy bought me for his stupid wife and she didn't want me. . . . One night, the guy took me to the pound. They threw me into a cold, wet crate and slammed the gate. . . . I was scheduled to be 'put down' or, as I like to say, murdered. But I got lucky."
Now Jinky lives in a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. He has a pool and a Jacuzzi and sports cars and a fat blond terrier girlfriend named Finley who loves to lick his ears. Jinky went from an unloved and abandoned pet to sleeping in bed with his mom (a former Pet herself, in Penthouse¿she looks good) and eating delicious food off his dad's plate (his mom cooks good, too). Jinky knows what's important in life, and he wishes his mom and dad could stop worrying about their status in Hollywood and enjoy life as much as he does. He can't understand why show business people are always so unhappy, especially the funny ones. Every "pitch" meeting Jinky overhears, every Hollywood dinner he eavesdrops on, every Hollywood barbecue, lunch, and casual encounter in coffee shops is another chance for these people to bitch and moan about "the business." But Jinky's "tail" is not just about his hilariously self-obsessed parents and their friends. And his message is not just that happiness is not about how much we have, but how we love. His is a tale about how hope, perseverance, and even one small act of kindness can change a life.

My rating: "The Diary of Jinky": (4), dog stories: (4), the week-ends here: (4)

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