Thursday, May 13, 2010


It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Glass shatters. A window is broken. You hear the unwelcoming sound of footsteps walking across your living room floor. Those same footsteps stop at the bottom of the stairs that leads up to your bedrooms. Your ears strain as you listen for the next sound. Your heart’s pounding. Your pulse is racing. Beads of sweat form on your brow. Your ears strain listening for the sound of the familiar creak of the stairs that he’s climbing that is leading him to you. Where’s that darn dog when you need him?

If he’s a German Shepherd with the ideal temperament for his breed, than the intruder never made it across the living room floor to the staircase. As soon as the intruder put his sorry little leg into the room, the dog pulled him in the rest of the way and was shaking and ripping at his trousers. The sound you heard were not footsteps coming up the staircase. They were feet that were running to the front door trying to escape from the lunatic that has him by the seat of the pants!

If he’s a German Shepherd with a timid temperament, he’s hiding right next to you under the bed. The pounding of your heart is actually the bed shaking from the nervous coward hiding under it. Better get the baseball bat out of the closet because you’re going to have to fend for yourself and your dog!

If he’s a German Shepherd who is a fear biter, there is a very, very slim chance that he could help you (err, I mean help himself). Maybe when the intruder comes into the living room, the shrinking violet might feel trapped and will bite him and the guy will run away thinking there’s a big mean old dog in the house.

If he’s a German Shepherd who loves everyone, he’ll just let the guy in and show him where the silver is! The intruder will give him a bone which he carries in his pocket just for these types of dogs. The dog is happy and the intruder is even happier as he makes off with your belongings.

And then there’s one more type of German Shepherd that the intruder can run into. He’s the aggressive dog. He sees the man coming up the lawn and watches as he breaks the glass. As he starts to come into the living room, the dog already has him by the throat and his breaking and entering days are over.

If nothing else at least your dog will be a good alarm system for you. He’ll let you know that someone is trying to break in and enter. Hopefully this will give you enough time to call the authorities before the creep is in your house. Most dogs you don’t need to tell them what to do. If they hear a strange sound, they’re up investigating it and making a lot of noise barking at it.

Someone once told me that what’s the good of having your German Shepherd? All the intruder needs is a gun and your dog is dead. Well that’s why I always keep more than one dog in the house at a time. I have three. If one of them doesn’t get the intruder, than the other one or two will! Dogs are very quick and before the intruder knows what hit him, he should be knocked off of his feet.

Some people don’t feel that all dogs will attack someone if they tried entering their house. Some say that not all dogs will bite. I must admit that I have read about this when doing some research for another article that I wrote about. Many people are under the assumption that because it’s a German Shepherd, he will protect you and bite the intruder. Just because a dog acts like a maniac when someone knocks on a door, doesn’t mean that they will attack that person once he’s inside.

Of course, we all hope that this never happens and if it did that our dog would be there to defend us. Let’s hope that they never have to prove it.

My rating: German Shepherds as watch dogs: (4)


  1. Oh yes, I know exactly where he is...
    attached to and growling at the writhing , screaming, bleeding intruder that just picked the wrong house.

  2. I know that one of mine is barking with a voice that rattles windows and if that dumb sucker is deaf and keeps on coming, then the other one is attached to his butt.

    GREAT article !!

  3. Here in Colorado we have what is called the "make my day" law. Intruder breaks into the house, GSD cold noses come and wake dad being careful not to make any noise in the process. Dad promptly has his trusty gun in his hand and listens intently to be sure the intruder is fully in the house. BANG, he is shot or BANG, BANG they are both shot.
    The GSD's cautiously walk over and sniff the rapidly cooling body/s, then dad and the dogs go back to bed because there is plenty of time to have the sheriff come out at their leisure with two body bags in the morning.
    See every story has a happy ending...intruders crime spree is over and everyone goes on with their life and dad and GSD's get a full nights sleep. Being fully rested makes for healthy living, assuming of course that you don't have lead in your vital spots.. Make my day intruder - don't you just love the law...!!!

  4. It would break my heart to see any German Shepherd hiding next to the bed shaking in fear because to me it would be the ultimate temperament failure of our breed. I've been blessed with dogs that never hesitated to protect when the situation presented itself, which is part of my love of GSD's. Their capacity to love, learn, and protect is what makes them the breed they are and nothing else will do.
    Helen Franklin

  5. Hey Bruce with a law like that, I think I'm moving out to Colorado!! Thanks for showing a sense of humor!

  6. I agree Helen. A German Shepherd without a mind isn't a German Shepherd!