Friday, May 7, 2010


It’s Friday already! Every week morning, here I am typing away on my computer writing something for my blog. Many of those days, I write two or three articles before I decide which one I am going to use. I’ll read the other two……hate them both…….file them away……and tweak them on another day (maybe). Well today was one of those days. I wrote two other articles already and changed my mind about both of them. So I decided on a little question and answer format instead. Play along if you like. It’s the start of the week-end. Keeping it light……have fun!


A Grand Victor or a Best in Show dog?

Which one would you rather judge, a National Specialty show or a Best in Show competition?

Show your own dog (if you were capable) or have someone show it for you?

Own a top producing stud dog or a top producing bitch?

Own the Obedience Victor or a therapy dog?

Own a sable or a black dog?

Have a small litter or a large litter?

Breed a champion or buy a champion?

Rescue a dog or donate time helping out at a shelter?

Have the National Specialty Show keep rotating every year all over the country or have a set place for them in three locations…..west, central and east?

Feed a holistic dog food or a raw diet?

Keep the futurities or eliminate them?

Keep the German Shepherd Dog Review magazine as a hard copy, or as an e-magazine on the internet or both?

Allow long coats to be shown without penalizing them for their coat length eliminating them as a minor fault?

Have show clubs award the winning dog owners with money instead of a trophy?

That’s it folks! Short and sweet. Have a GREAT and if you are showing WINNING week-end everyone! If not, hug your dog anyway. Kiss the kids and the hubby or wife. Take out the grill, make some hamburgers or steak, put up your feet and relax and think about how lucky you are. Be safe! I’m out of here…………until Monday!

My rating: it's the week-end! (4), dogs shows: (4)

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