Thursday, August 19, 2010


I’m a fan of most animal programming on television whether it’s on Animal Planet, National Geographic or National Geographic Wild. If it’s about animals, I’m there. Some of them can be entertaining while others are very informative. Then there are those that can be very shocking and down right horrific. Like everything else in life, there is the good and the bad. I’ve always been a sensitive person when it comes to watching anything in pain. I’m even more so as I get older. I’m fascinated by the Predator and Prey types of shows with the Big Cats but when it comes time for the Predator to kill his prey, then I turn it off to watch a commercial or two and then come back to the programming.

Some of you might remember me writing about how much I really like the Pit Bull dogs. They can be some of the most loving and affectionate among the dog breeds. But naturally man sensationalizes everything and all we hear about is how mean they are and that they’re vicious killers. Just like the German Shepherd Dog is known to be one of the breeds of dogs reported that do the most biting offenses against people.

Well in this last week, I watched another part of a series on the Pit Bulls used for fighting. Here again, I turn the parts off of the dogs killing one another in the ring. What disturbed me on this particular night though was talk about a black German Shepherd female. This dog was used for breeding to produce puppies known as bait dogs! You read that right. Her purpose was a brood bitch for this sadistic operations unsavory behavior. Bait or baiting is the act of worrying or tormenting a chained or confined animal by setting game dogs upon it as sport! The dogs bite and tear to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it. Baiting is a blood sport used for entertainment and gambling. It is illegal in most countries with varying levels of enforcement.

Well I’m happy to report that this particular lowlifes operation was shut down and the dogs were confiscated and received medical attention. Some were too far gone with their injuries and then there were others that were too aggressive for rehabilitation. The female black German Shepherd was also seized. She was very frightened and distrustful of people. Well with some work and training, she is now leading a life as someone’s loving companion. She was spayed and there will be no more of her babies used as bait dogs for the sadistic pleasure of these monsters.

It infuriates me to hear that German Shepherds are used in this manner. That’s not to say that I think that any dog should be used in this way. Our beloved breed should never find itself in the “pit’s of hell” known as a fighting ring used as bait for a dog’s jaw that is more powerful than his and can rip him to pieces.

Yesterday I saw a program on Dr. Phil on this very subject of fighting dogs for profit or someone’s sick pleasure. There was a man on the program that was sent to prison for fighting dogs and cited for animal cruelty. This cold, callous individual was there to say that he didn’t think what he did was cruel to his dogs. This was a sport like any other and didn’t see the difference from what he does with his dogs and those that chose and enjoy watching boxing. Again a video (that I didn’t watch) was shown to the audience and it was one of this man’s own dogs that was getting mauled and ripped apart. What I did hear was the screams of his dog in apparent agony. I muted the sound after a short bit. He claims that the dog was just scared because it was his first time in the pit. He said he was fine and he took him back home and put him on his chain again. Some home life with a big old heavy chain wrapped around his neck. Dr. Phil was all over this guy. The man didn’t seem too concerned. He had his lawyer sitting out in the audience. He was asked how many dogs he killed. Without too much thought, he answered a couple of hundred. He said he usually just took a gun and shot the dog if the dog was too injured to save. He thought that he was doing the dog a favor and doing the humane thing by putting him down. By this time, I’m ready to jump through the television screen and choke this ignorant “poor excuse” for a human beings neck!

We as breeders and owners of the beloved German Shepherd Dog must diligently protect them from the predators out there that are looking to do them harm. Sometimes these types of people will go to animal shelters and use the dogs from there as bait dogs. They will also pick up strays that are roaming the streets.

Now this just came across my computer yesterday. I recently joined a Yahoo Group for recycling. It’s called Freecycle. I get e-mails from them all day offering items for people to take for free. They just need to come and pick the items up at the person’s house. Also people will post that they are looking for certain things as well. Yesterday one of the moderators came on and I’m quoting one of the sentences from her e-mail…………”We are looking for someone who has knowledge about caring for pets and wishes to help members offer or seek animals through this group.” (End quote). Now I was gone most of yesterday (sorry I didn’t get a chance to write on my blog before I left), so I haven’t got a chance to write to her about this yet. I do not think that this is a good idea. I can understand what they are trying to do here. Obviously because some people find they can no longer keep their animals, they are looking to place them in good homes. However, these moderators do not know the people that join their lists. Many of these predators look for free dogs or puppies and read the want ads of their local newspapers. Some might be used as bait dogs, and others may find their way into a lab used for experimentation. There is lots of money to be made on animal’s misery! So although the moderator’s intentions are good, I will have to write to them today to voice my concern.

We live in a scary world. We don’t want to have to become paranoid, however no concerned animal lover can ever be too watchful about the people that we invite into our lives. The predators are out there looking for their next prey or meal ticket! After all, this is their “SPORT” of choice. When they need to “train” their dogs, they might come knocking on your door when they hear about one of your dogs that you are looking to place in a “loving forever” home! We don't want to ever hear that one of our dogs is being used for someones profit from animal cruelty!

From the book: "BADD NEWZ: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE MICHAEL VICK DOG FIGHTING CASE"......Book Author, Kathy Strouse, has launched her first book, “Badd Newz-The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case”. She reveals the never before reported twists, turns, obstacles, plots, and setbacks that made building a case against superstar Michael Vick the challenge of a lifetime. Readers will be shocked to learn how close and how often Vick came to walking away from justice. Investigators were fueled by a determination to rescue the innocent dogs and to bring Vick and his Badd Newz crew to justice. The small team of “dead game” investigators put everything on the line to take a stand against the brutal “sport” of dog fighting. Strouse also introduces the undercover investigator known only as Dog Angel. A shadowy, elusive figure, he has worked for over 35 years infiltrating the underground world of dog fighting, rubbing shoulders with some of the most infamous characters in the “game”. The reader will learn how Dog Angel infiltrated the inner Badd Newz circle and used every skill in his arsenal to help make the case against them. No dog fighting case has ever captured the attention and the hearts of the public like the Michael Vick case. Most Americans had no idea that such cruelty even existed. The stakes in this case were very high. Success would send a message to dog fighters across the country that law enforcement was pledged to stamp out this cruelty and send the perpetrators to jail. Investigators knew they had to bring Vick to justice in spite of his wealth and fame. Climb aboard the rollercoaster for the story of how they did it.

My rating: The use of German Shepherds as bait dogs: (1), Profit from animal cruelty: (1)


  1. Excellent topic and should be posted more frequently.
    I found a predator but because you dare not accuse anyone without lock solid proof you just have to move on. This person wanted to adopt a GSD and something about the application did not seem quite right. When I googled their address it was a trail beyond a cul de sac, and clearly looked like a dog fighting area.
    They appeared nice, friendly, and if you listened to them they were excellent owners who were seriously interested in a rescue GSD.
    When refused a dog, another one of their listed references then tried to adopt. These people have all the right words and friendliness but if your gut tells you something is wrong, you need to listen to your gut and not them. A GSD's future and happiness is as stake.
    The rescue was dis-inclined to report them for fear of reprisal or a law suit.
    They are out there and they have various ways to get what they want. I know of another person who had three dogs stolen right out of their fenced in front yard. Stolen to run deer for hunters to lazy to get a deer honestly. Then the dogs were left in the woods to fend for themselves. I used to take my boat to an island in the St. John's river each year after hunting season. Abandoned and stolen dogs would just be left on the island to starve. I had a dog one time jump over 8' into my boat. It was skin and bones and I comment only to show that there are all sorts of predators out there and you can't afford to let your guard down.
    They appear friendly, knowledgeable and truly interested in the breed but they have other things on their minds than nurturing a GSD.

  2. Hey Bruce: you hit on something that I wanted to add to my article but it was running long already....and that is one of the things that predators depend on to win you over is their "gift of gab." Also you might call this their ability to win someone over or another name for it could be called having charisma! OMG, some well known serial killers depend upon it. How do you think they could con so many victims.....Ted Bundy probably being one of the most charismatic serial killers in his or any other time!

    Because dogs can't pick out who their owners will be, it is up to us to do it for them and to do the best jobs that we can!