Monday, August 23, 2010


I wrote four other articles this morning and hated them all. That said, doesn’t mean you or I am going to like this one any better! Oh yes it is tough being a writer. We are self critical and sometimes can be real “pain in the neck” perfectionists. Some days we wake up with a bit of “brain fog” and thinking of writing about anything can become a real challenge for us. But I’m thankful that I can write anything at all when I have three German Shepherds running around from one room to the next dropping dirty toys or bones on my lap. Or like “Bu” dripping water from her sloppy mouth all over me and my desk as I try to write any article at all. It’s non stop raining this morning so I find myself surrounded by the breed of dog that I try to write about five days a week. When I can no longer tolerate their overly enthusiastic personalities contributing to my insanity for one second more, I am so thankful for the invention of the dog crate!

When I read the e-mails from a list about which is the better dog, the one that has won at the Specialty show or the one that has won at the All-Breed show, I’m thankful that I’m not showing anything right now. I wouldn’t want to contribute to anyone’s jealousy getting out of control, so I’ll just let others remain in that “enviable” position!

Then when I read on a list about the problems of the Parent Club and its lack of new membership, I’m so very thankful that I turned down running for the presidency (NOT) of the club. Can you just imagine a club run by a peace loving woman who detests fighting and “I’m better than you” types of mentalities? Can you just imagine what it would be like belonging to a club that truly was for the betterment of the German Shepherd Dog, rather than for the betterment of ones own personal agenda?

A post was sent over one of the list several years ago telling of one of the most horrific cases of dog abuse I had ever read up to that time anyway. It was a story about a puppy named “Mooie.” She was the puppy that had acid thrown all over her body and face. It was this heartbreaking story that led me to write about a puppy that I never met except through the horrors of her photographs. My article didn’t save the unfortunate Mooie, but it would open up a door for me to write other articles about the abused and neglected. It would also introduce me to the founder of Last Hope, Safe Haven, Dawn Restuccia. I was saddened for the precious little Mooie whose life was sacrificed and whose story was read all around the world but I am thankful to that little baby as well. Had her story not been told, I may never have met Dawn and her unselfish efforts to be the voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

Owning my own list and blog has afforded me the opportunity to meet some new people in the breed while maintaining old and cherished friendships as well. How else would I have been introduced to Bruce and shared in his fantastic stories of life in the wild on “God’s mountain” that he shares with his wife Carol and their three dogs? Or how about Kathy and her white German Shepherds that like Bruce both have contributed generously to articles here on my blog? Kathy’s unique way of sharing a story with us and her wonderful artistic drawings adds to the enjoyment of my readers on this blog. Both of these fine people and others like them as well make me realize just how thankful I am to have been introduced to their friendship.

And how about my longer standing friendships? Many times I write about some of my dog friends experiences here on my blog. Sometimes they don't even know that I'm writing about them until they read it here. They give me so many interesting things to write about. I'm thankful to one of my dearest friends Lorraine who is one of the more sweeter people in the breed. It's through some of the heartaches that she has endured that I find a need to write a story surrounding it. Also recently I got goosebumps when she and I had one of our most interesting conversations about "OUR" dog Kharu - I bred him, she loved and owned him. It was the story of how he came back to pay a visit to the home where he once lived and died.

Not to be outdone by Lorraine is my friend Marilyn, who will enthusiastically give me a call. I'll ask her what's up and she'll tell me that she has the next article for me to write about on my blog. Her suggestions are for articles about this world and not the spiritual world like those I've shared with you from Lorraine and Kathy. So yes I'm thankful to Marilyn, but because she and I can talk for hours sometimes, I wish I would write down what she called be about because by the time I get off the phone, I forget the reason she called me in the first place!

These people and others that write to me privately and offer suggestions for articles here on this blog, I'm very thankful for.

When I read about the dangers of giving too many shots to our dogs or the dangers of putting poisons on our dogs to prevent ticks from enjoying their chubby little bodies, I’m very thankful for the knowledge of some of the people on the lists that I belong to. If I need to know how to dry up a hot spot or how to take weight off a dog, all I need do is type in my question and my inbox will be filled with opinions, educational viewpoints and just down right good old common sense. Belonging to some of these lists, I would dare say that it has saved some people thousands of dollars!

And for those of you that have read this “blog about nothing” today, I am thankful that you stuck it out with me! What do you expect on a rainy, dreary, gray, miserable day anyway…………..a literary masterpiece?

And I just know that my Amber who is laying right here next to me while I type this is very thankful that she NEVER has to go into a crate like her wild daughters. Instead she lays patiently looking up at me (almost in a hypnotic trance like state) waiting for the next butter pretzel she’s sharing with me to drop her way. Yes life is good for Amber. She’s very thankful, indeed!

And aren’t you thankful this article is finished?

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  1. Barbara, thank you so much for the very nice words. We have never met in person but through your excellent writing we have become friends over the internet. I am so thankful that you included me in your friends.
    Here is a web site that some of your readers may find interesting. I did extensive research on the spray 2, 4, D, Amine which is a major component of most herbicides. Studies have shown that 4 exposures to it in one year will kill a dog. It has a half life of almost three weeks so a dog can become exposed several times in that period. It is ingested by licking, absorbed through the skin, and inhaled. It causes irreversible damage to the eyes. Etc.
    The web site is

    There are other related sites referenced in the article that should be read as well.

    Most people don't give it a thought when they spray troublesome weeds but they should know about this product as it can kill their dog or cause serious damage.

    Thanks for the nice words from up here on the mountain. Wish I was there to give you a big hug from this old mountain man. Bruce

  2. Thank you Barbara always for your compliments and YOUR wonderful writings you share with us daily. And most of all your friendship. Always, Kathy and Koda