Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Recently I was approached about placing an ad for “Discount Ramps” on my blog. After reviewing their website and products, I consented and you’ll see an ad on my blog for their website. I decided to have their website here because of all the many different products that they offer the pet owner to help make yours and your dog’s life a little bit easier. So I’m going to post some of those products here for you to look at. They also make other “make your life easier” products besides dog items. Check out their website for more information. They truly have something to help make your dogs and your life easier.

They offer dog ramps for every size, weight and length you may need. These ramps are used for your dog to help him get in and out of your van, truck or SUV without him having to jump to the ground. Sometimes this can be too much on an aging dog’s legs or hips or a youngster.

One of these ramps is an aluminum folding dog ramp. Some of the features of this ramp are: Light weight design
• One Year Warranty
• 2 lengths to choose from
• Durable grip tape surface - excellent for your pet's feet
• Hollow aluminum frame for maximum strength
• Strong hinges to allow ramp to fold in half
• 2 ¾" attaching lip for added stability
• Carrying handle on the side allows for easy transport
• Strap mounted on the side keeps the dog ramp compact for storage
• **Not designed for human use**

Your pets will get plenty of use out of this dog ramp. The new folding dog ramps from Discount Ramps are some of the strongest & sturdiest on the market today! Each ramp has an aluminum construction with heavy duty hinges that allows the dog truck ramps to hold up to 250 lbs. The dog ramp features a grip tape surface platform for superb traction in any weather for almost any pet. These folding ramps are available in 2 lengths to accommodate any dog or pet. They have a usable width of 15 inches and a 2 ¾" attaching lip on the top of the dog ramp allowing it to be used for Trucks, SUV's, Cars, or nearly anywhere. These dog truck ramps also feature a carrying handle and a strap mounted on to the ramps so that it can be strapped together in the closed position for easy transport & storage when not in use.

This is just a sample of the many ramps that this company makes. Check out all the many different sizes on their website.

They also make pet stairs. This can help a pet up on a bed or sofa that may have limited mobility. Here’s an example about one of the many steps and stairs that this company sells.

• Portable light weight design, only 10 lbs.
• Gives access to the back seat of an automobile which is difficult to do with ramps
• Supports over 250 lbs. for any size dog or pet
• Durable indoor/ outdoor carpet and plastic construction can be cleaned with soap & water
• Attractive design with neutral colors blends in almost anywhere
• Unique sloping treads are easier for small dogs to climb
• 19" height works well with most couches and beds
• Constructed from high density polyethylene and indoor outdoor carpet
• Made in the USA
• One year warranty
• **Not designed for human use**

They also make steps for loading a dog onto a boat and then there are steps for your dog to get in and out of the swimming pool. I thought that this was a great idea. So let’s say the steps that you normally would use to go in and out of your pool is on one side, but your dog is too tired to swim over that way, this can be placed in another area so he can get out quickly and easily.  See the above picture.

This company also offers crates and vehicle barriers for your utility vehicle, vans and mini vans. There are dog seat protectors and dog seat covers. There are SUV cargo liners to protect your vehicle's carpet and they work for hatchbacks, SUVs, and vans. There is a dog crate constructed of aluminum and brown 1/8" wood laminate paneling. This dog cage is lightweight yet sturdy. The angled design gives it a unique look and makes it easier to fit into the back of mini-vans or SUVs when transporting. The pet dog crate also includes two tie down tabs on the front top corners, so you can more easily secure the dog crate when traveling.

I really enjoyed looking at this companies many products to help make traveling and living easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog. Check out their website on this blog for yourself.

My rating; “Discount Ramps”: (4)

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