Monday, August 16, 2010


The very first time that I put up a couple of kennels in my backyard we attached them to the back of our garage. The dogs could go in and out of the garage as they pleased because I had a “doggie” door for them to use. Can I tell you how much I loved that? So did they. You just drill a hole in the wall of the garage and attach the “doggie” door to the hole. The reason I liked this so much was that the dogs went in and out of it whenever they wanted except late at night when I locked those doors for the evening.

The nice thing about having your kennels attached to a building is that the dogs can get out of the sun or bad weather if they want and come inside. These doors have been around for a long time, but I think they are a God send to dog owners for the convenience that they afford our animals. Besides fencing, “doggie” doors are one of the best inventions in my opinion. The dog is not forced to stay outside if he doesn’t want to. He comes and goes as he pleases. Ideally a platform should be placed out in the dog’s run and one inside the garage or building. This way he’s not lying on a cold, damp or hard surface.

Some people that don’t own a dog kennel but keep their dogs in a fenced in back yard love the convenience of the “doggie” dog as well. The only difference with this set up is that sometimes when your dog is feeling a little bit frisky, don’t be surprised by the little “gifts’ that he may bring into the kitchen and deposit at your feet. This is especially true if you have cats. He may share the rest of his uneaten dinner in the form of a “nearly dead” mouse or worse.

Now let me say here that if you have pets that you want to give freedom to by coming and going as they please, caution and common sense should be used. Only use these doors attached to your house if you have a fenced in yard. Depending upon where you live (what state) there are other things to take into consideration. Are there venomous snakes or bad mushrooms that grow on your lawn? Do you live in a neighborhood where children can throw things over the fence for your dog that may not be healthy for them to eat like a chocolate candy bar? If you live in a state like Florida, are there fire ants on your lawn? These are all the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before giving “Fido” his freedom to come and go as he pleases.

Another reason that some people like having a “doggie” door attached to their homes is because the owner may have physical ailments that make taking her dog for a walk close to impossible. Because she realizes the need for her dog to get fresh air and exercise, having a “doggie” door is the answer for her and her animal.

Here are some “doggie” doors that I found on Amazon.

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  1. Doggie doors are attached to my kennel hatches which open into the kennel's outdoor runs. I am replacing them after every litter of puppies as they are grabbed and torn away from the openings... better than a kong I think they must believe! While they remain installed, they do help to keep the kennel cool in the summer, and warm in the winter as well as keep flies out. Owning a good mouser (cat) is advised if the doggie door is attached to ones house, otherwise you will be feeding them, too!

  2. I hear you about those mice. Living in the country, one never knows what type of "critter" you may expect next!