Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Keeping your floors clean is always a challenge when you own pets. You definitely find yourself doing more “domestic goddess” duties when you share your home with an animal. And when that animal is a German Shepherd Dog you might even find yourself cleaning more so because of this breeds reputation for shedding his coat non-stop! Now days there are so many different options of mops to choose from and at different prices there is sure to be one that meets your needs.

The Swiffer Sweeper (go ahead, try saying that ten times fast) seems to be the mop of choice for many households. Having dogs, you can be rest assured that you probably have more spills, and muddy footprints than the average household. The Swiffer Sweeper and its associated products are meant to make our lives easier. Are they really better than your average mop and bucket of soapy water? With this product, you eliminate the need for these old fashioned ways of cleaning. But are you really ready to give up your mop and bucket? Well this is what I found about the Swiffer Sweeper Company of products.

SWIFFER SWEEPER: It seems that most people enjoy using this mop and it seems the company has addressed those households that own pets. They have the Swiffer Sweeper that traps and locks dirt and dust from virtually any surface in your home. It’s a two in one cleaning product. Clean with a Dry Sweeping Cloth to clean up to 50% more dirt, dust, and hair than a broom, then finish with a Wet Mopping Cloth to dissolve dirt and grime better than a mop.

SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC: The new Swiffer SweeperVac has a textured Swiffer Dry Sweeping Cloth to trap and lock fine dirt and dust plus a powerful cordless vacuum for grabbing larger pieces of crumbs, leaves, pet hair, and cereal. It’s an all in one tool. It’s lightweight and compact and works great on virtually any surface in your home. It doesn’t require any vacuum bags. You can easily dispose of dirt, dust, and particles from the see-through dirt cup with just one push of a button. It comes with a money back guarantee.

SWIFFER WET JET: It cleans most any floor in half the time. With a dual-nozzle sprayer and a strong-grip pole, these all-in-one mopping system breaks up and dissolve tough messes better than a mop and bucket. Plus its cleaning solution is designed to penetrate layers of dirt, absorb dirt and grime into the Wet Jet pad, and lock it away for good. You can scrub really tough, dried-on spots or messes with a large scrubby strip to get you a clean you can feel. This also carries a money back guarantee.

The Swiffer line of products includes other cleaning tools besides the floor products mentioned above. They also have dusters with long handles to clean those hard to reach areas like the corners of ceilings. They carry an antibacterial cleaning solution, solutions to clean and condition wood, and refills for the Swiffer products.

Most people that use the Swiffer products are very satisfied with this line of cleaning tools. They liked that there is no wringing or dripping when you use their mops. They are lightweight and easy to use. Someone complained that it wasn’t really good on tile or grout floors. Then someone else complained that they weren’t as good as all the hype. Another person complained that there are too many extras that you need to buy with these products…..batteries, cleaners, and pads. This can make it very expensive when you need to refill the products. Many said that this mop is good for quick clean ups and not as good for cleaning a larger space.

One good thing I always see is coupons for their products in the Sunday papers. Their website also offers coupons to help with the expense of their products. Look for when these items go on sale and then use the coupons to get a better deal on them. Seems to me when a company has to offer lots of coupons on their products, perhaps they are a little in the pricey range. So is putting out the extra money for the Swiffer Sweeper a good investment? What do you think? Do you Swiffer Sweep your floors?

My rating: ease of use of the Swiffer: (4), expense of the Swiffer: (2)


  1. For dog hair, I found that a rubber broom works phenomenally well. It also removes the fur from my chenille sofa.
    Swiffer cloths are outstanding for dusting and I find they DO work well for ordinary dog fur as well. When I have a bitch who is blowing coat however, the rubber broom seems to be the best option. Nothing sticks to it and I am able to use it outdoors on my deck as we..
    I have never tried the Swiffer wet jet for my floors...something I will do in the future!

  2. I have one of the older versions of the Swiffer Wet Jet and would not be without it! I still have the old style linoleum floors and it's great in the kitchen and for cleaning up the dog pens in the dog room. That thing gets used almost every day at my house!
    Linda Hendrix

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE my swiffer wet jet ESP after the pups are in the kitchen for play time! I also use the reg swiffer mop for my camper..it comes apart for smaller storage. I also have the swiffer duster..one for me and one for my 4yr old who is my assistant in everything lol! I love their products!

  4. I love my swifter wet mop.....buuuuut, I hate the expense of the pads. I can get more use out of one by turning it around (not over), but they are still expensive in my opinion. I keep looking for something that I can use instead of the replacement pads, but nothing has struck me as being close, yet.

  5. Doesn't the cleaning solution for this "mop" have chemicals in it?....I find my steam mop is fabulous....without any chemicals.....