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Well in two days, it will be Valentines Day. Most people associate this day with love. It is a time for young lovers and old to remember their sweethearts and share this special day in some special kind of way. For those of us that don’t have a sweetheart, we might just plan the day spending it with our beloved dogs…….because after all dogs are love!

I wrote this following article several years ago and just re-read it again this morning. I thought it fit into the theme of Valentines Day very well. If you don’t have someone special in your life, but God sent you a dog or dogs to love then you are truly blessed. Go give them a hug and I’ll bet you’ll get more love and kisses in return to overflow and warm your heart.

So for those of you that have read it before, indulge me if you will. For my new readers, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentines Day everyone and I’ll see you again on Monday!

Barbara J. Galasso

I think I've finally figured out why DOG spelled backwards is GOD. They say that man is made in God's image. While this may be true, I don't believe we were given his soul. I believe that is something we have to earn. Hence the "free will" that man was born with.

The Dog on the other hand, looks nothing like God's image, but most definitely has his soul. He loves unconditionally, holds no grudges, knows how to do without, can live poorly without complaining, doesn't have the means to gossip, doesn't commit crimes unless it's for survival reasons, is obedient, worships his master, is an excellent parent to his young setting good examples, always happy and playful, and always forgiving.

He’s incapable of regret, so he doesn’t beat himself up about missed opportunities. He never lives in the past because he’s too busy enjoying today. He never worries and wonders what’s going to happen tomorrow. He lives in the here and now relishing the moment and never misses the opportunity to enjoy the day he is given.

He’s true to himself. He never worries what he looks like, or how he acts. He just does whatever it is that makes him feel good. He doesn’t lose sleep over anything because he never worries about anything. He doesn’t keep score of what someone did or didn’t do for him. He never holds back from giving his love as a punishment. He just gives it freely and without any conditions.

He never discriminates. He doesn’t care about wealth and riches of the world. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s riding in the latest Bentley or a beat up twenty year old car. He’ll eat whatever is given to him and be thankful for it. He doesn’t care if you are fat, skinny, rich or poor. He doesn’t care if you are smart or dumb, educated, politically correct, black or white, religious or not. It doesn’t matter to him if he lives in a shack or a castle, just as long as he lives with you. . He’ll sleep on a cold hard floor and in the morning still greet you with a heart filled with joy just for seeing you.

He’ll lick away your tears when you don’t want anyone to see them fall. He senses when you are hurting when you don’t want to share this with anyone else. He can tell when you’re sick before the doctors even know it. He can take care of you if you are handicapped and no one else will sit with you. He can bring you your slippers and bring you the paper. He’ll never get an attitude and feel like he’s waiting on you. He does it because he always wants to please.

He would do very little other than survive if he was made to live in the wilderness. But he wasn’t born to live in the wilderness. He was born for one reason and that was to be a companion to man. He was sent to us as a gift. And being born to live among man is when the true nature of the dog is brought out. He’s a showman, a worker, a guardian, and a teacher. For it is when you live with a dog, that you are taught what unselfish love is, what unguarded laughter is, and if you truly open this gift that was sent to you, you’ll see the way to the light. The dog speaks to you with no voice, but rather through a silent understanding that if you listen closely enough you will hear. If you watch closely enough, you will see.

Man is given the intellect to teach the dog his lessons, but it is the dog, which although born with less intelligence, is capable of teaching the man more lessons than he could ever learn in any university.

He wasn’t born with a "free will", so he does things by instinct rather than by choice. But he’s freer then any man. He'll never go to hell because he's incapable of sin so therefore, all dogs are guaranteed a place in Heaven.

If I am ever reincarnated, I think I’d like to come back as a dog.

If you want to read more heartwarming stories about dogs and their unconditional love, I highly recommend you check out "Stories of Dogs and the Lives They Touch."

My rating: the love from a dog: (4), Stories of Dogs and the Lives They Touch: (4)


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