Monday, September 20, 2010


Well looks like we are saying “goodbye” to the summer and “hello” to the fall. There is nothing like showing a dog at the fall shows. The weather is perfect for it, cool and crisp. The dogs feel good and the owners feel good. So out come the grooming supplies once again. Are your supplies in tip top shape or has some of them seen their better days? I was talking to a breeder friend yesterday who shows her dogs year round and we were talking about supplies. She loves the Chris Christensen Systems products. When I did a review on brushes before, I included this company’s line of products. Today I decided to devote a whole article on what they offer as it’s been a name well known in the dog world for years of offering top quality dog brushes.


Other than the primary function of brushing or styling hair, hair brushing serves several other important purposes; cleaning and massaging the skin, and stimulating the release of beneficial oil called sebum. Sebum is released by the sebaceous gland at the base of the hair follicle as a result of the gentle hair tugging action caused by brushing. Brushing the hair cleans the hair shaft, follicle, and skin by removing trapped scale, dirt, and oils. Brushing also distributes the Sebum, coating, lubricating, and protecting the hair shaft resulting in a healthy glow or sheen and more flexible hair. Because sebum protects and moisturizes, regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable, and easier to style. All of Chris Christensen Systems brushes are well balanced and easy to use. Handles are designed to ensure comfortable grip and use.

I’ve always known that this company made some of the best dog grooming brushes on the market, but I didn’t realize that they make some other grooming supplies as well. Here are some of the products that they make.

Oval Pin Brush - Large - A top quality pin brush. The finest quality pin brush that money can buy. Use 20mm for short coats; 27mm for medium to long coats; 35mm for long thick full coats. Ground and polished tips are the smoothest available and will not push into cushion. The supple, relaxed pin cushion is set in a light-weight solid wood body with an easy grip handle.

Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein adds astonishing volume to any coat type. Replenishes protein and creates volume by implanting a high volume of low molecular weight proteins. The dense compact foam base allows easy distribution through the coat. Naturally volumizes thin, skimpy coats while repairing and protecting coat hairs. Strengthens weakened hair shafts and repairs split ends.

Buttercomb - 6 inches - Solid brass core with round core top to reduce friction and eliminate unnecessary breakage. Exceptionally smooth teeth glide through the coat like butter to reduce combing time by 50 percent! Steel teeth with a highly finished tips and high quality nickel chrome finish. This heavy dog grooming comb features1.25 inch long staggered teeth with a 6 inch total comb length.

Beautifully handcrafted Beech wood slicker brush with high grade steel pins for less coat damage. Ultra-soft, extra flexible cushion with base of one fourth inch foam. Shape and contours of the handle do all the work for you instead of wrist being at a constant angle. Less stress for groomer and animal.

Miracle Air is a natural but powerful way to completely eliminate odors. It can be sprayed directly on your dog, cat, puppy or kitten, around food and even on baby diapers. Chris Christensen Miracle Air is food grade. Miracle Air breaks apart odor molecules on contact. It is not a cover up. It eliminates all odors from pets, urine and fecal matter, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, body odors, diesel and gasoline.

These are just some of the products this well respected company carries.

My rating: Chris Christensen Systems dog grooming supplies: (4)

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