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Sometime last year, I wrote about pet insurance. Recently a pet insurance company contacted me by the name of EMBRACE PET INSURANCE. After looking over their policy, I agreed to let them advertise on my blog. See their ad on this blog in the purple box for more information. I will touch on a few things about this company here.

From TOP CONSUMER REVIEWS: They gave this company five stars! When we began our examination of Embrace Pet Insurance, we quickly became impressed with the level of pet insurance they provide. Embrace sets the standard for all pet insurance companies by providing excellent, cost-effective service that meets the needs of most dogs or cats in all 50 states.

Overall, Embrace provides excellent pet insurance tailored to meet your specific needs. Premiums are competitively priced and allow for convenient monthly payments. We found a multitude of positive reviews on Embrace as well as numerous reports of hassle-free claim payments. If you're looking for affordable pet insurance for your loved one, Embrace earns our top recommendation.

What Is Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance helps protect your dog from large, unexpected veterinary bills. Modern veterinary care can be very expensive. For example, a trip to the veterinary ER could easily cost $1,000. Dog insurance pays a large portion of your veterinary bills so you never have to decide between digging deep into savings to treat your dog or putting him down.

What Does Dog Insurance Cover?

Dog insurance will reimburse you for costs associated with diagnostics, surgery, hospitalization, cancer and chemotherapy treatment, and even alternative and homeopathic therapies. You can visit any veterinarian you like and there are no networks. Read about what Embrace's dog insurance covers but remember that no plan covers your dog for conditions that are pre-existing.

How Does Dog Insurance Work?

It's very simple to use your insurance. Usually you:
• Visit any veterinary hospital, there are no networks
• Pay for treatment
• Submit a claim form with your itemized invoice
• Receive your claim refund in 10 to 15 business days

What If I Have a Purebred Dog?

Purebred dogs are more susceptible to genetic and breed-specific health issues such as hip dysplasia, cherry eye, or luxating patella. Many of these conditions can be debilitating or life-threatening and can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat as well. In these cases having insurance for your dog lets you focus on his care without worrying about the cost.

Choosing a Dog Insurance Plan

If buying dog insurance is the right thing to do, how do you choose a plan? You should know that Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the few companies that cover genetic and breed-specific conditions. This way, you're not stuck guessing what conditions might be covered.

Also find out if the plan you're looking at has per-incident or lifetime limits. Some companies use benefit schedules that can drastically limit the amount of your reimbursement. Embrace Pet Insurance has no per-incident limits and does not use a benefit schedule. Instead we pay based on your actual veterinary bill so you get more back.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Dog insurance costs on average around $27 per month although the premium varies by the breed and age of your dog, and depends on the amount of coverage you choose. You can keep your premiums low by opting for a major medical dog insurance plan with a high deductible. This keeps your premium affordable without sacrificing coverage.

Don't forget, you can get discounts on your dog's health insurance if your dog is altered, micro chipped, or if you have a multiple-pet policy.

When is the Best Time to Buy Insurance for my Dog?

The best time to buy your dog insurance is when your dog is a young and healthy puppy, before any conditions might develop. It's important to have the insurance before you actually need it because pet insurance is the one thing you can't get when you need it the most.

What Embrace Covers

Embrace plans cover all the basics that you expect: accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, surgery, and more. Embrace also covers:

• Genetic & breed-specific Conditions
• Wellness & Routine Care
• Cancer Treatment
• Chronic Conditions
• Alternative Therapies & Rehab

Check out their website here on this blog to check out those things that they don’t cover.

My rating: Embrace Pet Insurance: (4)

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  1. I am a fan of Pet Insurance. In Canada, the CKC and PetSecure have teamed up. With every puppy sold, I am able to provide the new family's puppy with 6 weeks of complimentary Pet Insurance that covers illness and death to a maximum of $750. at no cost to them or to me. It is free. If continued past the 6 week introductory offer, enrolling into a specific plan, enrollment fees are waved.

    For Breeders, there is BreedSecure.. pregnant bitches may be placed on it during their pregnancy period and taken off when the puppies are finished nursing. It covers C-sections, spays, illness and death.

    With every PetSecure 6 wk puppy enrollment, comes a monetary CKC membership credit, about $2.50 if I recall correctly, per puppy. My $50. yearly CKC membership fee is halfed with 10 pups.

    For the puppies first year of life, before they are beautifully obedience trained, I highly recommend coverage.