Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Several months ago I wrote about the different social networks out there on the internet. Like many of you, I belong to a few of them myself. Some I like better than others but I suppose they all serve their purpose. As I’ve said earlier, I don’t get the big thrill with “Twitter.” I barely use it. Anyway, I wanted to re-visit this subject again only this time paying more attention to the social network giant, “Facebook.”

When I first signed up for this group, I didn’t think too much of it and barely used it. In fact, I didn’t even really like it that much. There were weeks that I seldom went onto the website. I sat back and wondered how long I would continue with my account. Well time went by and I started to check it out some more and now, it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

There are many reasons one would chose to go on “Facebook” but not always for the obvious reasons. It is a great social network to almost instantly connect with your friends or acquaintances. There’s not too much waiting for information with this site. As far as the dogs are concerned, the reason why I like “Facebook” so much is that I’m seeing pictures of dogs that I’ve never seen before. New litters, stud dogs, show win pictures. It’s become a German Shepherd Dog super highway. It is a great marketing and promotional tool. Some of the pictures I’m seeing are incredible. In my opinion, if you don’t use this site to promote your dogs, you’re missing out on a lot of free publicity.

I admit I use “Facebook” for more things than looking at all the pretty pictures of people’s dogs. There are all sorts of groups that you can join up with on many varied subjects that you might be interested in. Being a writer, I just joined a writing group. I love saving money with coupons and I have saved a fortune with being on “Facebook.” I’m signed up with some companies that I like and I get all their latest information or promotions sent to me. I’m connected with my favorite subjects and some of my favorite people. There are many rescue groups on here as well as breeders and exhibitors. I get to view lots of fun videos that people post. Some funny, some informative and some I chose not to watch (abuse of animals to make us aware of what’s going on). Reading about it is hard enough most of the time. Watching it is too much for me because I carry these types of things.

There are down sides to being on “Facebook” as well, but then again, there are downsides to belonging to many different social networks. Reports of scams and hackers coming on “Facebook” are always a concern to its members. That being said, just visiting websites on the internet, can also introduce you to some unsavory situations as well. I’ve encountered a couple of scams on “Facebook” already. In fact, just a couple of nights ago, I ran into this problem. I got an e-mail from my cousin telling me to look at a video that she thought was very funny. When I clicked on it, it said before I could view the video, they wanted me to answer a few questions first (none of it was personal questions), but it made me suspicious and I clicked back out of it. Come to find out my cousin never sent this to me, but whoever did wanted me to believe that she did. So yes, you need to be careful when using these social networks because there are millions of people on these sites. Proceeding with caution is always advisable.

“Facebook” is a great place to hook up with people that you haven’t seen or heard from for years. There are many German Shepherd people on here. I didn’t realize just what a large number of German Shepherd enthusiasts there are out there. I do think it’s a great place to promote our breed for those that are interested in learning more about them. Again, use caution when dealing with people that you don’t know that may be inquiring about your puppies or breeding dogs. It’s a nice way to bring people to you, but like in any other way of advertising, make sure you get references from people.

Is “Facebook” for everyone? No, it isn’t. There are those that resist change and like things just the way they are. There are those that are shy or are very private. Then this is not the place to be. For them “Facebook” makes them too uncomfortable. I admit I normally don’t like change in too many things if I’m enjoying things as they are. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to be convinced about something new. Then once I try it, I wonder what took me so long.

With the economic climate that we live in, people are looking for a way to reach out and connect with other people. Having friends can be a good thing. People are looking for less expensive ways to advertise their dogs and when something is free and it reaches so many people, well resisting the temptation to join up becomes a little harder. “Facebook” won’t appeal to everyone, but for those that it does, they’re having fun, they're networking, they’re reaching out…………..until the “next big thing” comes along on the information highway!

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  1. Barbara: Since you have to be friended on FB maybe you could suggest some of those FB sites for those of us who love German Shepherds and are't that computer savy.
    For example I was going to send you a friend request and when I searched for you I came up with multiple listings with your name.
    Not being very good at computers or FB it makes it is somewhat confusing for some of us.

  2. Hey Bruce: All you have to do is type in the words German Shepherd in the search window on Facebook and it will bring you to many different German Shepherd topics. Read up about what they are and then join or not. I belong to a couple of show dog sites. One however, I was invited to join as a member sent me a friend request. That is one where they show pictures of some famous dogs from the past and everyone tries to guess who he is.

    As far as which Barbara am I on Facebook, I'm the one with the German Shepherd icon which is the picture of my two dogs at the top of this blog. Can't help not seeing them next to my name. That's me!