Friday, September 24, 2010


I apologize to those who inquired about what happened to my blog yesterday. Well yours truly was gone from morning until early evening. When I got home, I had 579 e-mails. Yikes! What a bunch of correspondence for me to shift through. Lot’s of deletions as well. I was saddened when I read the news of a great lady in the breed that passed away, Peggy Douglas. She was a very beloved and respected woman for a very long time in this breed. I never heard people say a bad word about her.

Just the night before, I read of a young champion dog only about two years old that had been hit and killed by a vehicle while chasing a wild animal. I believe it was a bear. I’m sorry I don’t remember this young dog’s name as I didn’t save the e-mail, but I felt a pang in my heart just the same. It’s sad enough that our beloved dogs don’t live long enough but to have one taken like this that was by all rights still a puppy, well that’s just too unfair.

My heartfelt condolences to the families of Peggy Douglas and of the young champion dog. They join the elite group of German Shepherd residents in Heaven that welcome them with open arms. I read on one of the lists this morning that someone wrote that Peggy would now be joining LaMar Kuhns, one of her favorite handlers and they would probably be putting on a dog show up in Heaven. So with that thought in mind, I thought I would include the very first story that I ever wrote for my German Shepherd friends when I first came on the Show List. It was probably the article that I received the most e-mails about. It was written to honor another beloved handler that had just passed away, Henry Dancosse.


Saint Peter opens the Pearly White Gates of Heaven to see a young handsome male dog standing outside. “Hey fellow,” he says to the friendly German Shepherd youngster, “Come in, come in. We were told you were on your way.” But all he gets from the beautiful dog is a bark and a wag of his tail. He keeps turning around and looking down through the soft billowy white clouds as though he’s waiting for something (or someone). “Well boy, either you’re coming in or your not, but I can’t stand here all day with you. Besides no germs are allowed to pass through these doors and if I hold them open too long, that’s just what’s going to happen.” The dog doesn’t budge, but just keeps looking the other way. “Alright boy, suit yourself then” and with that Saint Peter closes the big heavy doors. The young dog finally lies down and sleeps through the night.

By the dawns early light, the dog is wakened by a feminine voice. “Alright now boy, I’m told you were waiting for me to join you.” With that, the dog jumps up and down and starts to bark with joyful anticipation. The lady appears out of the clouds and walks toward the dog. “So you’re the young champion that just had to go chasing after that bear, well now, you and I are in this together. What do you say we knock on these doors to see if anyone’s home?” Before she can knock on the door, the Pearly White Gates begin to open. Out walks Saint Peter who is smiling and says to the lady, “Welcome Peggy, we’ve been waiting for you and it appears that this dog has as well. He wouldn’t come through last night. Now he has a companion.” With that the two of them walk through the gates. Saint Peter tells them that they will both be very comfortable here because today they’re putting on one of “those earthly dog show” events. “Right this way, he tells them. Seats are limited, so you better go grab yourself one over there.”

Barbara J. Galasso

Today the tunnel of light was opened and shone on another German Shepherd great.....Henry Dancosse. But before he was allowed to enter this tunnel of light he was approached by Saint Francis, patron Saint of animals. He told Henry that God saw fit to take some of earth's German Shepherd Dog people these last few months for his own purposes. God told him that it looked like people on earth were having so much fun showing his dogs, that he decided it was time to put on the first ever National German Shepherd Dog Specialty show in Heaven because, "I'm tired of all you earthly people bickering about where to have the next National!" He told Henry that in order for him to enter Heaven that he would have to pass a test first. Now there were so many great dogs of the breed that had passed away over the years, and that he being a German Shepherd Dog handler, would get his choice of all the top dogs that were in Heaven. But he told him to choose wisely, for although Ernie Loeb was there too in Heaven, this would not be his assignment this day. No, it would be God who would be the judge of this event.

Henry was excited. Just think he said to himself, "I get to choose from all the greats that have passed away. Wow, Lance, Paladen, Rosemary, Manhattan, Hawkeye, Hammer, Andretti, Nestle's Crunch. Who do I choose, who do I choose?” Just at that moment an old familiar voice called out to him. He said, "Henry dar...ling, don't even think of taking Lance in. That's who I'll will be showing. He may have been Jimmy's dog on earth, but up here, he belongs to me. Besides, everyone knows up here as they did on earth that no one knows how to stack a dog like me,” LaMar said as he throws his hands up in the air.

"Now boys, boys, stop your bickering Charlie Chester says. Don't pay attention to him Henry. He and I were out partying too much last night, so he doesn't know what he's talking about. At this rate, if we keep this up, we might both find ourselves back in purgatory."

Just then an announcement comes over the loud speaker by another familiar voice. "Ladies and gentlemen gather up your dogs and bring them to the rings and they better be in top "Naked Care" condition" a laughing voice says. "Well, I'll be darned", Henry thinks to himself, Len Steen is still making announcements and still cracking the jokes."

"OK then LaMar you can take in Lance, I'll take in Manhattan. God should be impressed with him. He broke all records on earth. As this thought lingers in his mind, he feels a tug on his pant leg and hears a small little voice whisper, “Hey mister, I know you have a choice of which dog to show, but I was wondering if you would please take my little guy in. I know he's not much to look at with his long coat, down ears, overshot bite, and he kind of elbows coming at you, but he has a big heart and he'll really try to win for you." Henry looks at the child and remembers what he tried to practice while on earth. "To thine own self be true.” He knew he always did try to help the little guy. "Yup, I'll take your little guy in for you,” he tells her.

All the greats strut into the ring. Age certainly didn't change these guys. LaMar and Lance..........what a team. (Jimmy Moses eat your heart out). And in walks Henry with his down eared, long coated Shepherd. God asks them to move their dogs around the ring and Henry's dog hits the end of the lead and the two of them float around the ring like there was no one else there but them. No double handling was needed or allowed in Heaven. The dog’s ears stood straight up, his coat smoothed out. God points to Henry and the crowd of angels and Saints roar.

When God approaches Henry to congratulate him on his win, he says, “You did well my son. You passed the test.” He tells him, “You see as you were on earth so you are here too in Heaven. You never let the little guy down. You stood for what you believed were true to yourself. A gentleman there, a gentleman here. We don't have any trophies in heaven Henry; we just have ways of earning your "wings".

So we won’t say any goodbyes to Peggy and this young champion because after all, we’ll be seeing them again. For those who have lived and loved, they never die. Besides they’ll be too busy with the dog shows in Heaven. Hey Peggy, save us a front roll seat, will you?!

My rating: Living a good life so you’re missed like crazy: (4)


  1. Barbara: not good to make Mt Man get tear's in him eyes...