Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Few of us can attend all of the National specialty shows put on by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and hosted by a regional club every year. But for those of us who can’t attend this most spectacular show, there’s another way you can enjoy all the ring side action without ever leaving the comfort of your home. I’m talking about the “bringing it to you while it happens” DVD’s of Bob Lindsay.

I’ve seen and ordered both his futurity DVD’s and the Nationals DVD’s. Bob is a breeder, exhibitor himself so it gives him an advantage knowing what the viewer is looking for when they buy a DVD of a dog show. That makes all the difference in the world to the buyer because he knows he’s getting his money’s worth. Bob makes sure that all the four winners in every class can be viewed. You get to see all the class winners and the winner’s dog and winners bitch as well as the Best of Breed competition and all the Selects and puppies. It’s just like being there only it didn’t cost you anything except for buying the DVD’s.

Although all of Bob’s DVD collections are done professionally and accurately, the thing that sets him apart from other DVD’s on the market is his own sense of humor and commentary he gives every so often. That’s what I enjoy; is this man’s warmth and love for the breed which comes through in everyone of his presentations.

The quality of the picture and audio of the DVD’s are all done very well. The National Show usually consists of 5 – 6 or more DVD's and they are all labeled so you know which class you’ll be viewing. They come in a hard shell DVD case to protect the product for years to come.

No serious student of the breed should be without these DVD’s. You’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again. Where else can you see a dog stacked and looking gorgeous and then slow the DVD down and watch him in motion? These DVD’s are educational as well as entertaining. It’s a wonderful tool to have when considering using a stud dog for your breeding program.

The price for Bob’s DVD’s will vary according to each National and how many DVD’s were taken of that show. The last National DVD’s I bought cost me a little over $100. His wife Sandy is his “secretary” and usually handles most orders. You can reach them at: TwoSanBob@aol.com.

My rating: quality of DVD’s: (4), informative (4), entertaining (4), value (4)

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