Friday, August 28, 2009


I had planned on doing an article about SUV’s in relation to them for traveling with dogs to shows but in my research I came across this unique car. I love the concept and I thought I would share it with you. Perhaps you already know about it or are looking to buy one.

I have owned two Honda’s already and they are always top rated for quality and efficiency so I’m assuming that this car will be no different in those areas.

I am including a link so you can look at the pictures of this SUV for yourself and see what you think. I think it would be ideal for those times when you want to take your dog with you for a ride in the car and don’t feel like hauling out a crate. Although, many show dog people already have their crates in the car.

Just take a look at these pictures for yourself and see how nice and dog friendly this car is. There is a safe “soft” crate like enclosure for your dog yet he is surrounded by the inner structure of the car for security and safety. It’s very easy to let the dog in and out of this car. Plus look at the cushiony bed pad in that crate.

This car was designed to make everything comfortable for your dog including a spill resistant bowl, elevated bed, a fan, and a ramp to help the dog get in and out the crate more easily. It stores under the bed when not in use. There’s even additional space for cargo.

The Honda Element won the “dog car of the year” award in 2007. While catering to the dogs comfort, Honda still recognizes the need for comfort for the dog owner himself! The 2009 model has been revamped and comes in three different sizes. The finalized version of this dog friendly car will be debuted in the fall.

The only drawback that I can see is that you can't really see your dog all the way in the back of the cargo area. I like to be able to turn around and see that they are alright. I'm going to have to get in touch with Honda and bring up my concern to them. Not that I'm expecting them to change their design anytime soon, but it might be a good idea to plant the "seed" in their minds anyway. It can't hurt.

The MPG for city is 18 and hwy is 23. Prices range from the basic price of $20,275 on up depending upon all the bells and whistles that you add.

Although I’ve never seen or driven this car, I know the reputation of a Honda made car is usually excellent so I will base my rating on what I know about the company.

Here is the link so you can check it out yourself.

My rating: construction: (4), durability: (4), styling: (3), value: (4)


  1. I'm sure glad my dog was crated inside my nice big Yukon when I was hit in the rear end at 70 mph this spring. The force blew the crate apart but she is fine. I'm not sure we would be alive in the Honda with the same circumstances.
    Barb Hahn and Greta

  2. Wow Barb! Lucky for you and your dog! Barbara

  3. I've driven lots of small cars, but not any more. The van hit hard enough to bend the frame so severely it had to be replaced totally. The van hit the left rear bumper and that side of the tailgate. My hubby the retired cop was amazed when I told him there was a lot of rocking but I stayed in my lane. This was on a 3 lane x-way so had I left my lane I would have hit the pickup truck next to me or another car. I believe that anything lighter would have gotten pushed into the right lane which was also traveling at 70 or better. Scariest thing that has every happened to me.