Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A few years ago I read about a product that everyone was talking about. It was called the Furminator. It was suppose to be a quicker way to help remove your dogs shedding coat and in particular the undercoat. If you are like me and own German Shepherds, you know all too well about the constant shedding of these dogs. German Shepherds have a thick undercoat, so removing it is always a challenge.

I have always used a shedding comb on my dogs for years along with a grooming brush. So I decided that I would order this new product to see what all the fuss was about. I don’t remember if I ordered from Amazon or e-bay because I was looking for the best price. These were definitely pricier than the tools that I was using to groom my dogs.

So the Fuminator arrives at my door and I quickly open the box to see what this “miracle” comb looked like. The teeth of the comb are very tiny and close together. It has quite a sharp edge to it so it comes with a protective piece that fits over the teeth of the comb. You can actually sharpen the edge of this comb if needed, so that’s why it’s important to store it with its protective shield.

Now I was told not to brush too hard with this comb as it could be uncomfortable on the dog’s skin, although it does not cut. It just grabs and removes the undercoat. It is recommended that you do not apply too much weight or pressure when using the comb on your dog. Some dogs may have sensitive skin and may become irritated. You need to brush away from the skin, not toward it. If your dog has any tangles or matting, sores or scabs, do not use this tool. These conditions need to be treated by your groomer and veterinarian.

My take on this product – Although it removed lots of hair as it claims to do, I still preferred my old trusty shedding comb. I found that you must be careful not to apply too much pressure as noted because it can be uncomfortable to the dog. I know when I get to removing my dogs hair, I can get carried away trying to remove as much as I can and sometimes the dogs can be sensitive to that.

Prices can range from: $29.99 - $49.99

My rating: durability: (4), does what it says it will: (4), safety: (3), dogs comfort zone: (2), value: (2)


  1. I LOVE my furminator! Of course, you cannot use it on a dog who is being strips out too much of the undercoat. However, it works AWESOME on my housedogs! I groom my dogs at The Grateful Dog in Hyannis...she has a photo of Kizzy being furminated! lol...enough fur to make a whole other dog!

  2. I ordered one of these but found it takes WAY too long to finish grooming a shepherd. It definitely gets lots of coat out but I don't want to spend an hour or more on each dog to get them fully groomed. I much prefer my undercoat rake. I think the Furminator ended up in a box somewhere. If I can find it, I'll give it to whomever wants it.

  3. Hi Erica: I agree with you. That's what I didn't like about it. It took too long. In fact, just 20 minutes ago, I took mine out to groom one of my girls, and felt the same way. I don't have all day to comb her. I find the regular shedding rake is way better and faster to work with.

  4. I haven't bought one yet but am interested and heard that are wonderful~!

  5. I LOVE my furminator!We had my sister inlaw come for a vist and she is allegic to dogs.I used it on all of them.I have a few and the whole time she was here for 2 weeks.She never had a reaction to them.It works vantastic