Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I happened to try Spot Shot instant carpet stain & odor elinimator because I had a coupon for it. Having three German Shepherds in the house, I find I always like to keep something like this on hand for those little (and sometimes big) mishaps. Well I like this product so much that I not only use it on the carpets, I use it where ever there is a need for a quick clean up after one of the dogs leaves a muddy footprint or a morning bile deposit somewhere. I find it’s also excellent to clean up a blood stain on the carpet as well. They advertise that it even removes tough old stains.

Spot Shot is non-toxic and is safe for children and pets when used as directed and it is certified biodegradable. It safely eliminates stains and odors on carpets and prevents them from returning. Although it’s safe for most carpets and rugs, it is not recommended for wool carpeting.

I love the smell of this stuff. I do open the windows though when I need to clean something bigger than a small spot on the rug. I’ll give you an example of what I use it for. I use it for my dog’s crates if a bitch is in season, or if someone throws up in their crate. I just had this happen the other night. My one girl is such a glutton when it comes to food and she was running around a lot the other night and jumping in the air catching treats that I was throwing to her. She got herself so wound up that when I put her to bed, she threw up those treats in her crate. Lovely! So out came the spot shot. I cleaned up the mess and sprayed this product lightly over the surface of the crate. I wiped it down with a paper towel and then dried it before I put her back in there. I wanted to make sure it was dry and with the windows open it got enough ventilation. Smell was all gone and I put her back in her crate.

Spots on the rug come right up. I spray the spot, let it sit for a few seconds and clean it. Spot is all gone! It leaves the room smelling really nice after a clean up.

Spot Shot is available at most grocery stores so it’s convenient to buy. You can also buy it on the internet. The price can run anywhere from $6 to $8 depending upon the size of the bottle. It comes in a handy spray bottle so it is easy to use. I see that the company also makes this product with a label that says “dog’s” on it. I didn’t see that in my store, but found it on the internet. I don’t know if there is any difference to the product because I didn’t have that option when I bought my bottle.

I’m not recommending this product be used for big jobs because it’s not labeled for that. But I do think it’s excellent for the quick, unexpected, “need it right away” type of clean ups that we all have occasionally when owning dogs. When I clean up something in a crate, all it takes is a light spray over the area. You do not need a lot of this stuff to get the job done. A light surface spray is all that's needed. Don't over do it.

My rating: ease of removing stains: (4), fragrance (the smell of the product) (4), ease of use: (4), availability (4), price: (4)


  1. Cynthia Binder DVM/Binderhaus ShepherdsAugust 5, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    I agree. I came across this product in the supermarket a few years ago and have been using it ever since. It REALLY gets the stains out---best if used right away but it's not bad on old stains either!

  2. I have used this stuff too and it works wonderfully! One shot and the spot is GONE! This is a great service! Thanks for posting this blog Barb!!!! KUDOS! Could we do a review on leather collars/leads???