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When I discovered Vibrant Pets supplement, I did so because I was on a mission. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a coat conditioner like many people who show are. That’s just a welcomed bonus with this product. No, I was looking for a holistic, all natural product that I could give to help one of my dogs who was diagnosed with a condition called SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). I had never heard of this condition before, but here it was and I knew I needed to do something to help my dog. She did not look healthy. She was too thin although she had a good appetite. Her coat looked awful. There was no life to it….it was dull and she looked like she was a dog from a third world country. Because of this medical condition, she wasn’t utilizing her food properly. It would go right through her and she always had soft pancake like stools. Because she wasn’t getting the proper nutrients from her food, she looked unhealthy and wasn’t thriving very well. I wasn’t willing to give up on her because I loved her dearly and it was my responsibility to do everything I could to help her live a more “normal” life.

So my search began. I think I tried MOST every supplement/vitamin product on the market. Yes, and many of them were the big name products that many of the show people use. I ordered them on line, in the stores, and from private dealers. All of the products were good quality products, but none of them helped my girl.

My veterinarian put my dog on an antibiotic called Tylan. It helped her tremendously. I was told she might have to be on this for the rest of her life. That did not make me happy knowing she might have to be on an antibiotic forever! So after much trial and error, I found the product Vibrant Pets supplement on the internet. I read all the testimonials and I saw that Jimmy Moses used and endorsed the product. So I figured I’d give one more supplement a try. My girl ate her food fine with this product in it. She was still on the antibiotic. Then one day I got a call from the owner of Vibrant Pets. What a friendly man he was. So I told Lee about my girl and her medical condition. He says to me, “I’ll tell you what, take her off of the antibiotic and double dose her in each meal with Vibrant Pets. After two weeks, you get back to me and let me know how she’s doing." So I tried just about everything else, so I decided to take Lee’s suggestion.

Within two weeks time, my girl was off of the antibiotic for good. She got her double dose of Vibrant Pets and her stools began to get more firm. As time went by, she began to gain weight, and her coat no longer looked dull and lifeless. I was so happy and thankful for this product. So I talked to Lee again and I told him his product was a miracle for my girl. I told him that I would keep her on it for the rest of her life.

As a little experiment……I tried to cut back on the Vibrant Pets that I gave my girl. Lo and behold, her stools started to soften up again. So I will always keep her on the double dose. Will Vibrant Pets cure her of her SIBO? No it won’t, but it will help her live a full and active life. This product doesn’t cure diseases, but I believe it can help an animal live a better life with their disease.

What’s in this stuff you may ask? Well it has 4 probiotics, 6 enzymes and 6 enzymes supporters, 12 vitamins, 16 metals and compounds, 4 fatty acids, and 8 amino acids. Everyone reads that probiotics is good for the digestive system, but did you know that all probiotics are not created equal? Temperature: As Probiotics are living bacteria, they are temperature sensitive. Virtually all Probiotics sold have a threshold of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if your Probiotic supplement sits in a truck on a hot summer day or in the cargo hold of a plane stuck on a hot runway, your Probiotics may be useless. Vibrant Pets is revolutionary in that it uses new, more temperature-resistant Probiotics that have a threshold of 140 degrees. This way, we can guarantee that your Probiotics are potent no matter what time of year they were transported to your home.

The testimonials from people of how their dogs with hip dysplasia,arthritis, SIBO, cancer, hot spots, dull coats, etc. have been given a new lease on life because of using Vibrant Pets is inspiring. Helping your dog live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life is what this company is about.

Vibrant Pets is a human grade, holistic product and is made and manufactured in the US. It comes in three different formulas and three different sizes. It’s economical in that it comes with a small scope and you feed one scope per cup of food. Some products come with a very large scope and before you know it the jar is gone. Right now the company is developing a new formula that they hope to introduce to the public soon.

There are many breeders now who use this product for their champions and up and coming stars. But here’s a little unknown fact. Because this is a holistic, human grade product, there are many people now who take this supplement mixed in a little juice in the morning. No joke. Even the owners of this product drink it down every morning!

All of my dogs are now on it. Because they are German Shepherds, I worry about the digestive problems of this breed. I’m most concerned about bloat, torsion and toxic gut. I’m not saying this product will prevent those conditions, but I know that I’m doing the best I can when it comes to their digestive health.

Whether you are looking to improve the look and condition of your dog’s coat, or looking to maintain or improve his health, there is a Vibrant Pets formula for your animal. I thank God for this product because my dog looks like a different dog now. Her coat is shiny and healthy, her eyes are clear, and her body is strong. Her stools are good, her appetite is great, and she’s a happy girl with lots of energy. In fact, she needs to go on a diet. She’s too fat!

To order this product with free shipping and the best prices, contact me at: or 845-386-9317.

My rating: quality: (4), does what it says it does: (4), customer service: (4), economical: (3)

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  1. We started using Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete formula awhile ago and have found EXCELLENT results. Better muscle mass, more stamina, coat like glass...all around more "vibrant" dog. I could not be more pleased with a product. I have tried others (dont want to mention names), but the dogs would not even EAT the food with the additive! I would highly recommend this product!