Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I used K 9 Puppy Gold supplement on my last litter. I wanted to give my puppies the healthiest start that they deserved. I wasn’t disappointed. My puppies were strong and robust and put on weight quickly. Healthy puppies make happy puppies and that made this breeder confident that I was doing everything that I could to give my puppies the right start in life.

What is K 9 Puppy Gold? It is a human grade supplement made by Animal Naturals. It recreates canine mother’s milk to promote immunity, stronger joints and lean puppy growth.

What does it do? It promotes antibodies and resistance. It helps produce strong connective tissues, durable joints and muscle; your puppies will have healthy lean growth and sturdy bones, ideal growth and development ratios, antibodies and resistance, and it’s trans fat and lactose free.

It contains canine milk's bioactive proteins, micellar casein, colostrum, glucosamine and immune factors including lactoferrin. It’s the next best thing to the mother’s milk! And the puppies love it!

Many breeders will even feed this to their pregnant bitch to help promote her milk production. Even after she has had her litter, she can continue to be fed this supplement while she’s nursing.

K 9 Puppy Gold is a powder that you mix with water and add to the dog’s food or can be fed alone. I always mixed it in their food. The jar contains a large scoop to make sure you are giving them the proper dosage.

You can feed the puppies this supplement until they are 4- 6 months old. I didn’t keep them on it that long, however. When they were 4- 5 months old, I switched them to Vibrant Pet’s Canine Athlete Ultimate formulas because of the high grade probiotics and enzymes and the Glucosamine that I knew was so important for their growing bones and joints.

K 9 Puppy Gold comes in sizes that range from 1 lb. to 30 lbs. I found that I was going through this supplement very quickly because of feeding the puppies four times a day and also adding it to the mother’s meal. It’s not an inexpensive product, but I was very happy with the results that I seen with my puppies.

The list of ingredients of vitamins and nutrients are very impressive. Add to that that many of these ingredients are human grade. It made me feel confident that my puppies were getting a top grade product that helped me give them a positive start in life.

Prices range from: a little over $20 - $320 for a 1 lb. container up to a 30 lb. container. Look around on the internet for the best prices as they will vary from website to website. Also some breeders are distributors of this product so ask others for their recommendations.

My rating: quality: (4), benefits: (4), ingredients (4), does what it says it will do: (4), price: (2)

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  1. I breed Miniature Australian Shepherds at Alangus Aussies and I also use Puppy Gold for my bitches after whelping for calories and extra calcium and start adding the powder to the puppy food as soon as they are old enough to eat. My puppies have been chubby and healthy with this supplement and I should mention the probiotics help the transition from mother's milk to dry food.